The Master's Programme in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety is hosted by the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki, a top-level research institute ranking at the 46th position in the 2019 Shanghai Global Rank of Academic Subjects.

It is a nationally and internationally recognised unit of multidisciplinary research and education, with an extensive network of partners and considerable external research funding.

Research focus at the Faculty of Pharmacy

The research carried out in the Faculty of Pharmacy covers a wide range of aspects of drug discovery and use, from target identification to societal and economical aspects of pharmaceuticals.

The objectives of the research are to:

  • identify new drug targets.
  • create and develop new drugs.
  • establish new drug administration methods.
  • examine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacological properties of drugs.
  • develop new technologies.
  • explore social and economic issues involving drug therapy.
  • educate leading professionals in the field.


Drug Research Program (DRP)

The Faculty's key research venture is the Drug Research Program (DRP), a unique multidisciplinary platform that combines research groups with expertise on different aspects of drug research; discovery, development, delivery as well as commercialisation, social and industrial pharmacy.

The Drug Research Program (DRP) accommodates several high-level research groups in the following focus areas:


Improving the safety and effectiveness of medicines - professor Clare Strachan