Our ageing population and the need for rapidly evolving medication solutions are factors that highlight the growing role of experts in Pharmaceuticals, their use and regulatory processes in society.

In the Master’s Programme in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety, you earn a degree in pharmaceutical sciences and gain the expertise for a future career in Finland or abroad within a wide range of research and development (R&D), healthcare regulatory and management tasks. The Career Services of the University of Helsinki offer a variety of means for gaining working life competencies and building professional networks already during your studies. You can also aim for an academic career by continuing onwards to a doctoral programme.

Career prospects

The programme trains students for research and development (R&D) oriented positions and as professionals for healthcare regulatory, management, policy-making and pharmaceutical industry positions.

These may comprise e.g., positions in:

  • national and international regulatory agencies and policy-making organisations (e.g., EMA, Ministries for Health in different countries).
  • professional or public health organisations (e.g., WHO regional offices).
  • healthcare organisations (e.g., public or private hospitals).
  • marketing, pharmacovigilance and outcomes research in the pharmaceutical industry.
Career Services

Studies are part of your career. At the University of Helsinki, all degrees include career planning. The Career Services at the University of Helsinki, in cooperation with degree programmes, supports the growth of your expert identity as part of your studies and with separate services.

From the start of your studies until one year after the completion of your degree, the Career Services supports your career path by:

  • giving career counselling and job-seeking support.
  • arranging info sessions, workshops and events.
  • providing suitable job and traineeship offers for students.
  • sharing the university’s subsidy for traineeships.
  • facilitating group mentoring programmes.

Check out the Career Services on the Instructions for students -website:  “Work and Career” and “Traineeships”. 

Improve your career options with Finnish

Although it is easy for international students to get by with English in the Helsinki region, learning Finnish will significantly improve your career options after graduation.

The University of Helsinki offers free Finnish language courses for enrolled international degree students. The beginners and intermediate level courses are not only a way to learn the language, but you also learn more about Finnish culture and get to network with other international students across the fields.

Information about the Finnish courses for international students in the Instructions for students.

Doctoral education

The programme provides a solid foundation to pursue a doctoral degree. After completing your Master’s degree, you can aim for an academic career by pursuing a doctoral education in Finland or abroad. Research and development-oriented (R&D) positions are also available internationally in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth) at the University of Helsinki is multidisciplinary by nature. It consists of eight (8) internationally and nationally networked doctoral programmes that approach life sciences from clinical, molecular and behavioural perspectives.

More information about the Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth).

Alumni of the University of Helsinki

After graduation, the world is wide open and full of possibilities. How can you venture forward to make the career path you want? What kind of work would you like to do? What kind of life should you lead? The Helsinki alumni community is there to support you as you transition from the University to the world of work.

All previous University of Helsinki degree and exchange students, as well as staff, are our alumni. As a member of the University of Helsinki alumni network, Finland’s largest network of experts, you get valuable support, knowledge and contacts for your working life.

More information about the Helsinki alumni community and its activities.

Find alumni of the University of Helsinki on LinkedIn.