All teaching in the Master's Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences (IPS) is based on the latest scientific knowledge. Our students also have the opportunity to get involved in fascinating research projects.

Research in Integrative Plant Sciences is advancing on many fronts. It operates from the molecular and cellular levels to the ecosystem level, and covers both wild and cultivated plants. The main focus areas are:

  • regulation of plant development and differentiation of tissues and organs
  • crop yield and breeding of cultivated plants
  • stress responses
  • evolution, ecology, genetics, genomics and biotechnology of plants and fungi

When studying Integrative Plant Sciences, you can get involved in fascinating research projects looking for solutions to many current problems.

Research groups and top­ics in In­teg­rat­ive Plant Sci­ences

You can find the detailed information about the Integrative Plant Sciences research groups and group leaders (Principal Investigators) as well as the research topics here:

Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS)

Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS) is a virtual, internationally recognised community of plant researchers based on the Viikki campus. It includes plant researchers working in different units and faculties within the campus. Its purpose is to advance and expedite cooperation in high-standard teaching and research. As a student, you will be part of the ViPS community through the courses, seminars, apprenticeships and degree work offered by the Master’s Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences.

Helsinki In­sti­tute of Life Science (HiLIFE)

Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) is a new life science institute enhancing high quality research, and integrating life science strengths across the campuses. One of the six strenght areas in HiLIFE is Growth from Plants. The researchers of the Master's Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences are actively participating in HiLIFE actions to enhance top research.

Centres of Ex­cel­lence (CoE) in Research

Many of the research projects of the Master's Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences are funded by the Academy of Finland and belong to the Centres of Excellence (CoE) in research.