Integrative Plant Sciences | Master's programme

How can plants help us to cope with global challenges?

Life on Earth depends on solar energy captured by plants - they are the base of most food webs and underpin the functioning of all major ecosystemsPlants release the oxygen we breathe. They convert solar energy into chemical energy, providing us with food, fibres, renewable energy sources, and raw materials for many industries. Plants do not carry out these processes in isolation. They interact with other organisms and the physical and chemical environment, communicate and actively adjust to their circumstances. How do they do these things at molecular, physiological and functional levels and how can we profit from understanding that?

When graduating from the Master’s Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences (IPS) you will have the current answers, based on cutting-edge research by our scientists, to these big questions, and more.

You can focus on e.g. Plant Molecular Biology, Plant and Fungal Diversity, Changing Vegetation or Plants, Genomes and Future Environments. 

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Basic information
Scope of studies and length 120 ECTS credits, 2 years
Degree level Master
Language Finnish, English, Swedish
Tuition fee per year (only non-EU/EEA citizens) 15 000 EUR
Application period Begins: 02 Jan 2025 at 08:00 (UTC+2) Ends: 16 Jan 2025 at 15:00 (UTC+2)
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