International research training cooperation
Research and research training at the University of Helsinki are highly international. We offer our doctoral candidates a diverse international academic community and work to ensure they are globally connected. We promote international research training collaboration at all levels ranging from individual research collaboration projects to joint endeavours with our strategic partners.
How we cooperate in research training

Doctoral programmes at the University actively participate in international networks. Our programmes support visits to academic institutions and research centres abroad as a means of early stage researcher growth.

Together with our strategic partners we organize e.g.

  • Summer schools
  • Mentoring programs
  • Joint PhD symposia.

These joint activities bring early career researchers together and contribute to the future research community for a better world.

One Health Early Career Champions programme

The Early Career Champions is a mentorship programme for doctoral students organized jointly by the University of Helsinki and the University of Nairobi.

The programme is organised in 1-year cycles. Each year, 5 doctoral students are selected from each university to be part of the programme and 5 mentors from each country is chosen to support them.

At the core of the programme is a year-long challenge organised in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders in Finland and Kenya. These challenges will relate to the topic of One Health. Teams consisting of doctoral candidates with diverse backgrounds will work together to ensure interdisciplinary and innovative solutions.

The programme will also include events, seminars, workshops and other activities. Some of these will be exclusively for the participants, while others will be organised for external stakeholders and the public. 

The vision of the Early Career Champions programme is shaped by the complexity and scale of the challenges that we are facing in the world today. Developing entrepreneurial skills, collaborating across borders and working together with multiple stakeholders to solve these global issues can provide exciting, new career opportunities for doctoral candidates of both universities.

The programme is open for doctoral candidates at the University of Helsinki and the University of Nairobi who are focusing on One Health.

The call for the first round has closed. Stay tuned for more in 2022!

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