Travel funding


The Local Organizing Committee is pleased to announce we have obtained some funding to help presenters who cannot afford the costs associated with attending the WERN2018 conference. These funds are intended for people presenting at the conference who, for financial reasons, would otherwise not be able to attend the conference.

Conditions of Funding

The awards will be given on a competitive basis and all applications will be evaluated by the Local Organizing Committee. You must use the application e-form to submit an application (click here to apply). Please note you must be registered for the conference to submit an application. If you have not registered already and want to apply, please click here to register. The awards are not intended to cover all the travel costs.

Applicants coming from the EU/EEA support can be granted up to 150 euros.

Applicants coming from outside the EU/EEA support can be granted up to 450 euros.

The support reimbursement will be paid after the conference as a reimbursement based on receipts submitted at the conference. The reimbursement process may take several weeks. Please note that reimbursement can only be made on receipts submitted and will only be made up to the amount granted. Please estimate and present your costs as detailed and realistically as possible in the application.

Individuals accepted for presentation at any stage of their career may apply. Applications are due on 6 June 2018 by 9 pm EEST. Please note that all submissions should be based on abstracts accepted for oral/poster presentations.

The local organising committee will discuss the applications at our meeting in June 2018 and will notify applicants by the end of June. Please note this is a limited fund, hence we might not be able to accommodate all requests.

Please click here to submit an application.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Local Organizing Committee at if you have any questions or need additional information. Please note that applications can only be submitted using the application e-form and we cannot consider any applications submitted after the deadline of June 6, 2018, 9 pm EEST.