The conference starts on Thursday March 21st at 2 pm with a keynote presentation from Dr. Berenika Szymanski-Düll.

Berenika Szymanski-Düll is an Assistant Professor at LMU Munich's Institute for Theatre Studies. She completed her PhD in Theatre Studies at LMU with a thesis on the theatricality of Polish opposition movements in the 1980s. She was also a lecturer in Theatre Studies at the University of Bayreuth and a Postdoc at LMU's Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies. Her current research interests include global theatre history with a focus on nineteenth century, theatre and migration, and performance art in Eastern Europe. As a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Berenika Szymanski-Düll will work on her habilitation project about international touring theatre in the second half of the 19th century from a transnational and transcultural perspective.