Transnational influences

Venues and dates of the conference:  

  • Kaisa Library 7th floor (Thu 21.3.)
  • the House of Science and Letters (Fri 22.3.)
  • University of Helsinki main building (Sat 23.3.)


Scientific Committee:

  • Hanna Korsberg
  • Mikko-Olavi Seppälä
  • Anneli Saro
  • Steve Wilmer
  • Magnus Thor Thorbergsson

While theatre activity has always crossed borders, theatre studies have normally been written from local or national standpoints. To break this pattern, the conference will feature transnational connections and interactivity, artistic migrations, and transcultural borrowings across geographical boundaries. It will focus both on individual and collective efforts, artistic touring and exchange, border crossing, transnational connections and the blurring of national and transnational identities.

The conference will consider theatrical exchanges between Nordic and Baltic countries and between Nordic/Baltic countries and abroad. These could be at institutional levels between governments or theatre institutions and companies or between artists or concerning artists abroad and/or in exile. It will also consider exchanges between national subjects and non-national minorities within countries (such as the convergence of Russian-speakers and Latvian-speakers or between Russian-speaking and Estonian-speaking performances in Latvia and Estonia). It will trace and analyze both the push and the pull behind the artistic migrations and theatrical exchanges, the (mis)interpretations of the Other around inter- and transnational performances, and the outcomes of this interaction.

The conference is organised in association with the Finnish Society for Theatre Research (TeaTS), research project “Theatre and cultural relationships between Finland and Estonia” (Helsinki and Tartu universities, funded by KONE Foundation) and The Association for Nordic Theatre Scholars.

The conference is funded by Kone Foundation and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.