Registration is required to follow the conference programme, except for the keynote lecture on Friday, which is free to all.
Wednesday, 7 June 2023

National Archives of Finland, Rauhankatu 17

16:00: Registration

16:15: Welcome by Organizing and Scientific Committees

16:30 ­– 17:15: Helsinki Monumental
Presentation and discussion around C.L. Engel´s drawings for reconstruction of Helsinki under Alexander I. Presenters TBC.

17:15–18:30: Instruments of Occupation: Helsinki Archipelago
Opening of an audiovisua installation by Dan Dubowitz (Manchester School of Architecture), Tuomas Toivonen (Estonian Academy of Arts / New Academy, Helsinki) and Markus Lähteenmäki (University of Helsinki / University College London)

18:30­–20:00: Food and drink

Thursday, 8 June 2023

University of Helsinki, Porthania Building, Yliopistonkatu 3


Session 1: Contested Heritages

Discussant: Christina Crawford (Emory University)

Viktoriia Grivina (University of St. Andrews):
Life and Death of a Soviet City in Kharkiv's Palace of Labour

Malgorzata Glowacka-Grajper (University of Warsaw):
Social practices on post-imperial Russian built heritage in Warsaw

R. Remus Macovei (University of Wisconsin):
Nation-Building and the Unaltered Image of the Village: The Disassembly, Relocation and Reassembly of Wooden Churches in Eastern Europe During the Interwar Period

Nino Chincharauli (G. Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation):
In Search of National Identity: the So-Called “Georgian Style” and Georgia’s Soviet Architecture of the 1920s

11:00­-11:15: coffee & tea

11:15– 13:00
Session 2: Import-Export

Discussant: Richard Anderson (University of Edinburgh)

Marta Cyuńczyk (University of Gdansk):
Grigory G. Gagarin's views about the Caucasus region and its influence on the prince's artistic and research activities

Mia Åkerfelt, Anna Wilczynska & Tzafrir Fainholtz (Åbo Akademi University):
Housing export as cultural diplomacy – Finnish prefabricated wooden houses as means for navigating the political relation to the USSR in Post-War Finland and Poland.

Ingrid Dobloug Roede (Oslo School of Architecture and Design):
Sent to and Seen from the Fringes: Exhibitions as Post-war Propaganda Offenses. A Norwegian Prism

13:00–14:00: lunch

Session 3: Architectural Strategies of Colonization
Discussant: Michał Murawski (University College London)

Makary Górzyński (Calisia University, Poland):
The Empire on Paper: Urban Planning In The Polish Kingdom at The Turn of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Imperial Vs. National Politics

Skender Luarasi (Polis University, Tirana):
Different Faces of Colonialism in Tirana through Architecture.

Nikolay Erofeev (University of Kassel):
Mobile colonial technology: territories in Soviet housing production

Da Hyung Jeong (New York University):
Constructing the Other: The Russian and Soviet Historiography of Buryat Buddhist Architecture

16:00–16:30: coffee & tea

Session 4: Systems and Institutions of Colonization

Discussant: Sofia Dyak (Lviv Center for Urban History)

Ingrid Ruudi (Estonian Academy of Arts / Yale University):
Spaces of care as agents in constructing and segregating Soviet subjectivities

Dmitrij Zadorin (University of Edinburgh):
Central Periphery of the Architectural System: Ukraine

Marcela Hanáčkova (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague):
Learning from the Soviet Union. Examining colonial practices in post-war Czechoslovakia

Alla Vronskaya (University of Kassel):
Architecture and Environmental Colonization in the Cold-War Soviet Union


19:00 Evening Reception at the Museum of the City of Helsinki (300 m from the conference venue)

Friday, 9 June 2023

University of Helsinki, Porthania Building, Yliopistonkatu 3

Session 5:
Discussant: Carmen Popescu (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture, Bretagne)

Ana Miljacki (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):
View of the Cracked Center from a Corrugated Blue Rooftop: Toward An Affective History of Hala Pionir in Belgrade

Kaja Schelker (Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe):
Under pressure - Building culture of Zakopane between assimilation and resistance

Pekka Korvenmaa (Aalto University, Helsinki):
Periphery as a Strategic Asset: Finland 1900

Vadim Bass (European University at St. Petersburg):
The Province within the Metropole: the history of Soviet architecture as seen from mid-century Leningrad

11–11:15: coffee & tea

11:15 –13:15
Session 6: Negotiating Borders
Discussant: Andres Kurg (Estonian Academy of Arts)

Katja Bernhardt (Nordost-Institut (IKGN e. V.) Lüneburg):
The Persistance of Imagination

Claudia Eggart  (ZOiS, Berlin/ University of Manchester) & Sandra Parvu (CRH-LAVUE CNRS/ University of Paris):
Waiting at Giurgiulesti Customs. The Architecture of Infrastructure at a Border Triangle

Netta Böök (Aalto University, Helsinki):
The Construction Of A Rural Socialist Society In A Former Finnish Church Village

Eric Nay (OCAD University, Toronto) :
The Evolving Shape of Architecture and Empire: Arctic Spatial Sovereignty

13:15–14:15 lunch

Session 7: New Directions
Discussant: Markus Lähteenmäki ((University of Helsinki / University College London)

Ashley Bigham (Ohio State University):
The Public Palace

Anabela Angelovska (Independent, Hamburg) & Alice Detjen(Europa Universität Flensburg):
"Now, war is building homes..." – Urbanism between disneyfication and retreat in North Macedonia

Dan Dubowitz (Manchester School of Architecture):
The Baltic Archipelago / Archipelago Masterplan

Miriam Gusevich (Catholic University of America in Washington DC):
On Urban Pentimento: an homage to Ukraine

16:15–16:30 coffee & tea

Keynote, Friday 9 June

National Library of Finland, Unioninkatu 36



Summative roundtable discussion

Keynote Lecture by Jean-Louis Cohen (New York University)