Pre-conference for doctoral students

The Finnish Social Work Research Conference, pre-conference, 15 February 2023 at 12–7pm
Place: Helsinki, Finnish institute for health and welfare

Diversity in Social Work Reseach

In this preconference, we discuss research settings and methods as well as research ethics in social work doctoral research from the perspective of diversity. We pay attention to the social locations of researchers and research participants and their implications at different stages of the research process. We also discuss conducting research in multilingual and transnational environments. We consider how to take into account power with respect to diversity in research designs and encounters.

The preconference is intended for doctoral researchers in social work. The afternoon will begin with a keynote presentation prepared by University Lecturer, Docent Eveliina Heino (HY, TUNI), University Lecturer, Postdoctoral Researcher Hanna Kara (HY, ÅA), Doctoral Researcher Smarika KC (HY) and Doctoral Researcher Priscilla Osei (HY). After this, the participants will work in smaller groups on issues related to diversity based on papers submitted in advance by participants. The preconference is bilingual (Finnish/English).

The registration starts on 1st of November at 9am behind this link.

Contact: Mari Suonio,