The pre-conference takes place on 16.05.2024 from 9.30 to 12.00. Coffee will be offered from 9.00, and a light lunch from 12.00. Participants are expected to read the preliminary reading provided and should be prepared to talk about their research in a small group setting.
Exploring Epistemic Dimensions in Social Psychology and beyond

Curious about the deeper epistemic dimensions of your research? Concerned with the line when epistemic injustice turns into epistemicide? Whether you're just starting to consider these aspects or already delving into them, our workshop "Exploring Epistemic Dimensions in Social Psychology and beyond" is your opportunity to dive deeper. This engaging event, co-organised by the DECA project is part of the Social Psychology Days at University of Helsinki, and it's designed to illuminate the rich epistemic layers underlying various societal problems and research areas in social psychology.


What We Offer:

  • An exclusive short lecture by Prof. Angel Gomez (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED) on the topic of "The paradox of justice: How retributive justice amplifies the effects of identity fusion on extreme behaviors"
  • A chance to explore or deepen your understanding of the epistemic foundations of your research. Whether it's about societal phenomena, individual behaviors, or cultural insights, there's always more to uncover.
  • Collaborative and dynamic discussions with peers across different research domains.
  • A unique platform to connect your work, be it in migration studies, social identity, or any other field, with profound epistemic themes like knowledge formation and epistemic justice.
  • An inclusive environment for both newcomers to epistemic considerations and those already exploring these realms in their research.

This workshop offers insights and possibility to collectively explore the essence of social injustices and their consequences from the epistemological perspective that focuses on the way knowledge is acquired, which affects the scope and limit to what and how something can be known closing other ways of knowing and experiencing. The workshop is not just for those new to the concept of epistemology in social psychology and social sciences. If you're already investigating these themes in your work, we invite you to share your insights and contribute to a richer dialogue. Your experience and perspective can greatly enhance our collective exploration.