Conference Dinner

Conference dinner will be held at Restaurant Sunn on Thursday, May 16 at 7 p.m,

Ravintola Sunn is located right next to the main building of the University of Helsinki, next to Senate Square (Aleksanterinkatu 26, 00100 Helsinki).

You can purchase a dinner card when registering for the conference.
There are two menu options to choose from. Please note that the dinner card does not include drinks. 

Aleksanterin menu:  (Lactose and glutein free) 55 €

Metsuri red cheese, mangold, roast pecans, rosemary honey and malt bread croutons


Pan fried whitefish, cauliflower pyree, spring peas and Hasselbacken potato


Peach Tarte Tatin with yogurt ice cream


Sofia menu: (Vegan, glutein free) 48 €

Asparagus soup, beluga lentils and chervil oil


Morel-potato croquet, dark mushroom consomme and grilled broccoli


Coconut and passion fruit parfait, maple syrup lemon crumb