Scientific program

Nordic Obesity Meeting 2024
Thursday, 1 February 2024

11:30–12:30     Registration, coffee, and exhibition

12:30–12:40     Welcome

Hot obesity topics in the Nordic countries

12:40–12:50     Representative of Denmark (Lise Geisler Bjerregaard)

12:50–13:00     Representative of Finland (Heli Viljakainen)

13:00–13:10     Representative of Iceland (Tryggvi Helgason)

13:10–13:20     Representative of Norway (Mette Svendsen)

13:20–13:30     Representative of Sweden (Joanna Udden)

13:30–14:00     Panel discussion

14.00–14:30     Coffee break and exhibition

What is new in childhood obesity? From epidemiology to management

14:30–14:50     Childhood obesity and its impact on adult health complications (Jennifer Baker)

14:50–15:20     Treatment of childhood obesity (Claude Marcus)

15:20–15:30     Screen Time: The 'Digital Diet' Impacting Cardiometabolic Health in Childhood and Adolescence - Unveiling the Metabolic Signature in Two Mother-Child Cohorts (David Horner)

15:30–15:40     Invigorating activity (Jari Karppinen)

15:40–16:10     Break and exhibition

What is effective in obesity prevention? Public health and health economics

16:10–16:30     Preventive strategies and the exposome of obesity (Berit Lilienthal Heitmann)

16:30–16:45     Obesity–related health care costs (Aino Vesikansa) 

16:45–16:55     Association of Leisure-time Physical Activity with Waist Circumference After Smoking Cessation – Ten-year Follow-up among Twin Adults (Maarit Piirtola)

16:55–17:30     New Nordic collaborations (Jørn Sagen)


19:00–20:30     Reception at the City Hall

Friday, 2 February 2024

Keys to obesity biology? Whole–body and tissue–specific metabolism

09:00–09:30   The integrative role of the gut, the pancreas, the liver and (the brain) in human obesity (Filip Knop)

09:30–09:50   Brown adipose tissue metabolism (Mueez U–Din)

09:50–10:00   The relative abundances of potential butyrate producers during pregnancy are influenced by prediabetes status at two-year postpartum (Veera Houttu)

10:00–10:30   Coffee break sponsored by Vivus, and exhibition

To burn it – or to store it? Adipose tissue and energy metabolism

10:30–11:00   The turnover and maintenance of human adipose tissue in health and pathology (Prof Kirsty Spalding)

11:00–11:30   Mitochondria in obesity and weight loss (Sini Heinonen & Birgitta van der Kolk)

11:30–11:40   Effects of Bariatric Surgery Related Weight-Loss on Adipose Stromal Cell Characteristics, Metabolism, and Immunomodulation Capacity in a Follow-Up Study (Amna Adnan)

11:40–12:40    Lunch and exhibition

Poster teaser talks

12:40–13:30   Approximately 2 min per poster presenter

13.30–14:20   Coffee, posters, and exhibition

Mastering appetite: Unraveling the complexities of eating regulation

14:20–14:50   It wasn’t me, it was my brain: Neurocognitive aspects of eating behaviour (Annette Horstmann)

14:50–15:10   Is body positivity glorifying obesity? (Veera Bianca)

15:10–15:20   The longitudinal associations of health behaviors with rapid increase in adiposity during early adolescence (Sohvi Lommi)

15.20–15:50   Coffee, posters, and exhibition

Unveiling the crystal ball: Exploring the future of cardiovascular outcomes

15:50–16:10   Future with decreasing physical fitness and increasing body weight  – how can we manage this (Tommi Vasankari)

16:10–16:20   Associations of protein intake during pregnancy with postpartum weight retention and long-term weight gain: Evidence for the protein leverage hypothesis in pregnant women (Hanyue Zhang)

16:20–17:00   Obesity, weight loss and cardiovascular outcomes (Naveed Sattar)


18:30–            Conference dinner with young investigator prizes

Saturday, 3 February 2024

How should we treat? Modern management of obesity

09:00–09:30    Overcoming obesity stigma (Arya Sharma) 

09:30–09:45    Patient story (Ulla Brandt)

09:45–10:00    Modern obesity treatment in Sweden (Ylva Trolle Lagerros)

10:00–10:15    Modern obesity treatment in Norway (Jørn Sagen)

10:15–10:30    Modern obesity treatment in Iceland (Erla Sveinsdóttir)

10:30–11:00    Coffee break and exhibition

11:00–11:15    Modern obesity treatment in Finland (Milla Rosengård–Bärlund)

11:15–11:30    Modern obesity treatment in Denmark (Cilius Esmann Fonvig)

11:30–12:00    One size does not fit all – treatment paradigm (Andres Acosta)

12:00–12:45    Important new directions together as Nordic countries

12:45–13:00    Closing remarks

13:00–14:00    Lunch sponsored by Vivus, and exhibition


14.30–             Optional sauna experience at Allas Sea Pool (at own cost)