FIMM is proud to host the 12th annual meeting of Nordic EMBL Partnership, in Helsinki from 11-14th September 2023. The program will consist of high-quality scientific presentations, poster sessions and interesting social activities. This event also aims to equip the scientists with new skills and encourages multidisciplinary interaction among the researchers.
Programme in a nutshell

Monday, 11 September

11.30-21.00   Young Investigators' Meeting

Tuesday, 12 September

  9.30-16.00   Young Investigators' Meeting

12.30-14.00   Nordic EMBL Partnership Coordination and Operations Team Meeting

14.30-16.00  Nordic EMBL Partnership Steering Committee Meeting

12.30-17.00   Group Leader Satellite Workshop

19.00-21.00   Main meeting, opening keynote lecture

Wednesday, 13 September

  8.45-18.20    Main meeting

20.00-           Gala dinner

Thursday, 14 September

9.00-15.30   Main meeting

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

12:30-14:00 Nordic EMBL Partnership Coordination and Operations Team Meeting with lunch, Radisson Blu Hotel, Meeting room: Aalto

14:30-16:00 Nordic EMBL Partnership Steering Committee Meeting, Radisson Blu Hotel, Meeting room: Aalto


12:30-17:00 Group Leader Satellite Workshop with lunch, Dipoli, Meeting room: Palaver

This satellite meeting will include both networking and training components. The main focus will be on sharing knowledge and identifying new collaboration possibilities. All partnership group leaders are encouraged to participate.


Group leader satellite workshop (final programme)

12:30-13:00 lunch (Sief)

13:00 – 14:00 Session I: Peer mentoring

13:00 – 13:30 EMBL Group Leader paths

13:30 – 14:00 ERC funding


14:00 – 15:00 Interactive networking 


15:00-15:30 Coffee break


15:30-16:30 Collaborative scientific project development


16:30-16:50 Closing

Open discussion on future mentoring opportunities


Please note that there is no (joint) conference dinner organised on 12 September.


Main meeting, Kino Tapiola, street address: Mäntyviita 2, Espoo

19.00 Welcome reception with a glass of sparkling wine

19.30 Opening keynote: Chris Mason: Multi-omic and immunological dynamics of blood from cancer patients to astronauts

20.30- Networking and socializing


Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Venue: Dipoli, Lumituuli auditorium

8.00 Venue open. Registration and morning coffee with snack

8.45 Opening words from the organizers


Session I: EMBL and Nordic EMBL Partnership

Sessions chairs: Mari Kaunisto (FIMM) & Markus Vähä-Koskela (FIMM)

9:00 EMBL Deputy Director General Ewan Birney opens the Partnership meeting

9:30 Highlights from the Nordic EMBL Partners
Presentation & moderated panel discussion with the Institute Directors

10:20 Introduction of new NCMM Associate Director
Anthony Mathelier: Insights into disrupted gene regulatory programs in cancers

10:35 Introduction of new Head of the FIMM Technology Centre
Pirkko Mattila: FIMM Technology Centre: Current status and future directions

10:50 Introduction of new FIMM Director
Samuli Ripatti: Genetic risk in the service of disease prevention: lessons from biobank studies

11:05 EMBL Human Ecosystems Programme
Amy Foreman (EMBL-EBI): Human Ecosystems at EMBL - Towards a better understanding of how Environmental Exposures Impact Human Health

11:20 Group photo

11:45 Lunch and round table discussions


Session II: Multiomics and precision medicine

Session chairs: Andre Mateus (MIMS) & Ellen Bushell (MIMS) 

13:00 Tandem talk 1
Björn Schröder (MIMS) & Anni Nieminen (FIMM): Using metabolomics to identify crucial signals between gut microbiota and host at the intestinal mucosal barrier

13:20 Introduction of new partnership group leader #1
Biswa Sahu (NCMM): Lineage-specific transcription factors and the role of non-coding regulatory genome in human cancer

13:35 Introduction of new partnership group leader #2
Mika Kontro (FIMM): Ex vivo venetoclax sensitivity predicts treatment response in acute myeloid leukemia

13:50 PhD student or postdoc #1
Magnus Ölander (MIMS): A multi-strategy approach to find new ways to treat Chlamydia

14:00 PhD student or postdoc #2
Tamara J. Luck (FIMM): Multi-modal analyses to better diagnose and treat solid tumors

14:10 Selected flash talks

14:40 Afternoon coffee & poster hanging

15:00 Poster session


Session III: Data-driven approaches

Session chairs: Biswajyoti Sahu (NCMM) & Thomas Kim (DANDRITE) 

16:00 Tandem talk 2
Anne-Marie F Connolly (MIMS) & Hanna Ollila (FIMM): Nordic study on long COVID (title to be confirmed)

16:20 Introduction of new partnership group leader #3
Laura Carroll (MIMS) - Leveraging publicly available genomic data for bacterial pathogen surveillance

16:35 Partnership group leader #4
Elisabeth Widén (FIMM): Sex-specific precision medicine – Understudied female health-related traits

16:50 PhD student or postdoc #3
Romana-Tabita Pop (NCMM): Integration of multi-omics data with gene regulatory networks in cancers

17:00 PhD student or postdoc #4
Martina Paoletta (MIMS): Development of a highly efficient and scalable CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing platform in the malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei

17:10 Break

17:30 Keynote speaker

Judith Zaugg-Romer, EMBL, Heidelberg: How do cells integrate extrinsic signals and intrinsic state? A systems epigenetics approach with focus on immune cells.

18:20 Closing words on the day from the organizers

20:00- Gala dinner
Vanha ylioppilastalo (City Centre)

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Breakfast for the hotel guests and hotel check out

8:55 Opening words from the organizers

Session IV: Advances in neuroscience

Session chairs: Taro Kitazawa (DANDRITE) & Charlotte Boccara (NCMM) 

9:00 Tandem talk #3
Gilles Vanwalleghem (DANDRITE), Camila Vicencio Esguerra (NCMM): The transparent Zebrafish as a window into neurological diseases

9:20 Introduction of new partnership group leader #5
Charlotte Boccara (NCMM): Sleep: a new target for precision medicine

9:35 Introduction of new partnership group leader #6
Thomas Kim (DANDRITE): Molecular mechanisms of microglia transitions in Alzheimer's disease

9:50 PhD student or postdoc #5
Amalie Lykke Olsen (DANDRITE): LNP-mediated mRNA and CRISPR delivery for neurological applications

10:00 PhD student or postdoc #6
Adithi Sundaresh (FIMM): Single cell atlas of cortical neuron development in vitro

10:10 Coffee break

10:30 Selected flash talks

11:00 Poster session

12:00 Lunch


Session V: Emerging imaging technologies

Session chairs: Helena Kilpinen (FIMM) & Anni Nieminen (FIMM)

13:00 Tandem talk #4
Johanna Lehtonen (NCMM) & Antti Hassinen: FIMM High Content Imaging and Analysis unit
Phenotyping rare neurological disease variants using high-content imaging

13:20 Introduction of new partnership group leader #7
Chao Sun (DANDRITE): Quantitative, Single-Molecule Approaches to the Synaptic Protein Machinery

13:35 PhD student or postdoc #7     -    Cancelled
Ahmad Ali Ahmad (NCMM): Cryo-EM insights into the structure of the centromeric chromatin

Please note that the speaker had to cancel and this talk will be given by Group Leader Nicolina Sekulić.

13:45 PhD student or postdoc #8
Nanna Moller Jensen (DANDRITE): Combining PLA, 10x expansion, and STED microscopy for precise localisation of presynaptic alpha-synuclein pathology in Lewy body dementia

13:55 Afternoon coffee break

14:15 Closing keynote
Olli Kallioniemi: Technology- and data-driven life science at SciLifeLab: Implementation in molecular precision medicine

15:00 Reflections on the Nordic EMBL Partnership and Future Opportunities
Oliver Billker, Speaker of the Partnership

15:20 Closing words from the organizers

15:30 Departure