Music, Research, and Activism
May 10–12, 2023 University of Helsinki
Wednesday, 10 May 2023
9:00-10:00  Registration
10:00-10:15 Language Center: Festive Hall Opening of the Conference
10:15-11:15 Language Center: Festive Hall

Keynote I

Martha Gonzalez: Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles

11:30-13:00 Parallel Sessions I
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 1 (online): Resistance and Community Organisation 1

Gonzalo Carrasco: The Chilean Social Outburst and ‘nueva canción’: Older musical forms for contemporary resistance
Sudiipta Shamalii Dowsett: Embodied politic of hip-hop: from Khayelitsha, South Africa to Lajamanu, Australia
Radoš Mitrović: Hip Hop Song as the “Soundtrack” of Major Political Upheaval in Montenegro

Language Center: sh 206

Session 2: Politics in Musical Works and Practices 1

Emmi Kujanpää: Transnational Collaboration and Activism in Contemporary Eastern European Folk Singing
Thorsten Philipp: Soundscapes of Ecofeminism: Renegotiating gender and environment through pop music
Beatrix Vieira Nunes: Victims No More: how women and non-binary musicians are collaborating for gender justice in jazz

Language Center: sh 205

Session 3: Ecomusicology 1

Małgorzata Heinrich: Environmental sound, Non-Heteronormativity, and Gender in the works by Barry Truax
Sara Beimdieke: Back to the roots? Music addressing climate change as part of a (music) history of crises
Rowan Bayliss Hawitt: Musical ecologies of grief: breathing and environmental justice in Love Ssega’s “Our World (Fight for Air)” 

Topelia: C 120

Session 4: Resistance and Community Organisation 2

Haoran Jiang: Music Historiography as Resistance to Univocal Nationalism: Sinophone Articulations of Mandopop in Taiwan’s Martial Law Era
Nora H. Leidinger: Baraye Azadi – Music at the 2022 Iranian Feminist Protest Movement
Woojin Na: Fan’s activism and collective flourishing: BTS French fan’s social engagement against racism and for environment

13:00-14:00 Porthania: Unicafe Lunch
14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions II
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 5 (online): Resistance and Community Organisation 3

Stefanie Barschdorf: Chicken to Change: When a Song Challenged Robert Mugabe
Moira de Kok: Sounds of Solidarity: Music in the 1984–85 Miners’ Strike
Mathieu Guillien: The Politics of Techno

Language Center: sh 206

Session 6: Politics in Musical Works and Practices 2

Ignacio Soto-Silva: The trutruka playing in popular music: activism and resistance in the region of los Lagos, Chile
Reetta Näätänen: Cultural sensitivity and the interpretation of cross-cultural contemporary Western music
Kirsten Hedegaard: Eco-Choral Music: Mobilizing the Choral Art for Environmental Activism

Language Center: sh 205

Session 7: Ecomusicology 2

Rebekah E. Moore: “A Method to Match the Message”: A Story of Art and Activism on a Wooden Sailing Ship
Tuulikki Laes: Artists for a sustainable future: Art-science activism within higher music education
Elizabeth Frickey: Musical Protest and Power in the Fight for New York City's Community Gardens

Topelia: C 120

Session 8: Resistance and Community Organisation 4

Dominik Schlienger and Liisa Tuomi: Gaia Lava – A low carbon performance stage
Brigitta Davidjants and Marju Raju: Identity and Mental Health. Case study of LGBTQ+ Mixed Choir Vikerlased
Riikka Suhonen: Decades of singing together about societal causes that matter: Case study of a choir in Finland

15:30-15:45 Coffee
15:45-17:15 Parallel Sessions III
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 9 (online): Ecomusicology 3

Matt Brennan: Imagining a just and green future for music cities: the case of Glasgow as a UNESCO City of Music
Eric Martin Usner: Critical Eco-Pedagogies of Musicking & Creative Praxis
Kirsten Zemke and Luka Amber Leleiga Lim-Bunnin: Tangaroa-Tagaloa: Environmental justice in Oceanian Indigenous popular music

Language Center: sh 206

Session 10: Politics in Musical Works and Practices 3

Uri Agnon: An Activist Shift: New Music and Political Action
Javier Silva-Zurita: Language revitalization and integration of traditional music: The case of Leftraru Hualamán, a Mapuche Williche musician and activist from southern Chile
Kimi Kärki: Finnish Fascism and its Affective Musical Heritage

Language Center: sh 205

Session 11: Institutions, Structures, and Systems 1

Cassandra Gibson: Gender, Power and Silence: The shaping forces of women’s engagement in the Australian classical music industry
Wilhelm Kvist: Symphony orchestras as promotors of human rights – a utopia?
Ann Werner and Cecilia Ferm Almqvist: Ethical and equal: Policy for social justice in higher music education

Topelia: C 120

Session 12: Resistance and Community Organisation 5

Sam Coley: Ballade de la Désescalade: Profiling Graeme Allwright as Activist
Ondřej Daniel: Czech Punk, Activism and Research
Paola Elean Nieto Paredes: Music, tradition, and bottom-up practices for crossing borders: The diplomatic role of Fandango Fronterizo at the U.S.-Mexico border

18:15 Unioninkatu 33: Banquet Room Conference Reception, hosted by the University of Helsinki
Thursday, 11 May 2023
10:00-11:30 Parallel Sessions IV
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 13 (online): Politics in Musical Works and Practices 4

Carlos Pérez Tabares: “I Am the Song I Sing”: Identity, Resistance, and Embodiment in the Music of Bola de Nieve
Gustavo Souza Marquez: Racial Play in a Music Video Trilogy: Analysing Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers”, “Buffalo” and “Find Your Wings”
Christine Dysers: Haters, Twelve Points: Tacit Social Activism in Iceland’s 2019 Eurovision Entry

Language Center: sh 206

Session 14: Studies of Distress and Disadvantage 1

Leena Julin: Hate speech in the name of God – hiding discrimination behind religion
Yalda Yazdani: Music between creativity and censorship in post revolutionary Iran: Ethnographic fieldwork research by focusing on musical activities of women singers in different regions of Iran
Anu Lampela (Vehviläinen): Two Praxes of Anxiety: Similarities between the Finnish Awakened of the 19th Century and Practicing Piano Today  

Language Center: sh 207

Session 15: Institutions, Structures, and Systems 2

Pauliina Syrjälä: Licence to compose – Oral composing practices as a catalyst for inclusivity
Marita Buanes Djupvik: Where do broken hearts go? Gender, race and academic neglect in Whitney Houston’s music
Monika Żyła: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in contemporary music and sound art festivals: Contemporary music and sound art festivals as sites for resilience, empowerment, care, and societal change

Topelia: C 120

Session 16: Resistance and Community Organisation 6

Chia-An (Victor) Tung: Music Power and Cultural Identity: The Siraya Revitalization Through Activism in Formosa
Outi Ahonen and Katja Sutela: Decolonizing music education – experiences of deaf at the centre
Katherine Mary Griffiths: Recovering the 1980s and 1990s London lesbian club scene through archival activism

11:30 Coffee
12:00-13:00 Language Center: Festive Hall

Keynote II (online)

Aaron S. Allen: Ecomusicological Listening as Activism


13:00-14:15 Porthania: Unicafe Lunch
14:15-15:45 Parallel Sessions V
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 17 (online): Work for Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 1

Stephanie A. Budwey: Liturgies of Livability or Liturgical Violence: What Kind of Space is Christian Congregational Song Creating for LGBTQIA+ and Nonbinary People?
James Hazel Maher: The Collaborative Sonic Anarchive; Working Through Precarity
Linus Eusterbrock: From coal train to classroom: What can a climate-conscious music education learn from climate activism?

Language Center: sh 206

Session 18: Studies of Distress and Disadvantage 2

Konrad Sierzputowski: “There are no More Lovers Left Alive”: HIV/AIDS Music Activism during the Times of the Crisis and PrEP Era
Pirita Näkkäläjärvi: “Lou leig-u luu” and a fake Sámi hat: How to identify cultural appropriation of Sámi yoiking in Finnish music
Yumi Notohara: The A-Bombed Musical Instruments of Hiroshima: Cultural and Peace Education Roles as Testimonies of Wars

Language Center: sh 207

Session 19: Institutions, Structures, and Systems 3

Lea Jung: “Taking Up Space” – Safer and digital spaces created by feminist music networks
Anna Ramstedt: Outlining preventive measures for gendered and sexual misconduct, and emotional abuse
Marcel Bouvrie: Welcome to the Future Village: Dutch Music Festivals as Sustainable Heterotopias 

Topelia: C 120

Session 20: Resistance and Community Organisation 7

David Irving: Violins, Communism, and Decolonisation: Activism and Praxis in the Work of Australian Luthier John Godschall Johnson (1912-2003)
Joanna Zienkiewicz: Music against Populism: How to Redefine the ‘Will of the People’?
Jackson Albert Mann: Jawsmith Quartets: Communist Folklorism, IWW Music, and U.S. Left-wing Performance Practice

15:45-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:30 Parallel Sessions VI
Language Center: Festive Hall

Roundtable (hybrid): T-Bone Slim – a songwriter, an activist and a hobo

Kirsti Salmi-Niklander and Lotta Leiwo: Music and Poetry in Ashtabula and Erie during T-Bone Slim’s Childhood and Youth
Saku Pinta: The Mysteries of Other Popular Wobblies
Marija Dalbello: The Workers' Dream and Rebel Worker Group Poets
John Westmoreland: T-Bone Slim “Mostly Song”

Language Center: sh 206

Session 21: Politics in Musical Works and Practices 5

James Chikomborero Paradza: Beyoncé’s Lemonade in South Africa: Exploring perceptions of the visual album as a medium for intersectionality
Alexandra von der Embse: Gabriella Smith’s “Kisiabaton” as Agent of Climate Change Activism
Timóteo Francisco Lídia Cuche: Musical Activism in Maputo: the case of the TP50 artistic group

Language Center: sh 207

Session 22: Institutions, Structures, and Systems 4

Ken Ueno: Towards the Un-Corseting of Non-Western Bodies 
Katve-Kaisa Kontturi and Milla Tiainen: Activist research of music as work? Propositions from the project “New economies of artistic labour”

Topelia: C 120

Panel 1: Sonic Rebellions: Music, Resistance and Social Justice

Baljit Kaur: The American Dream ‘Made in LDN’: Young People’s Production of Rap Music in the Neoliberal Youth Club
Wanda Canton: Drill as Dada: Reflecting Violence or Causing it?
Markus Hetheier: Queer Resistance: DIY Culture in Manchester’s Electronic Music Scene 
Celeste Cantor-Stephens: Border Spaces and Sounds of Resistance

19:00 Tenho Restobar (Helsinginkatu 15) Conference Dinner
Friday, 12 May 2023
10:00-11:30 Parallel Sessions VII
Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 23 (online): Politics in Musical Works and Practices 6

Claudio Lubao: Using Music for Cultural Heritage Sustainability: The Challenge of Producing both, Activist Songs and Popular Songs
Elise Haller-Shannon: Women’s Work: Composing a feminist interpretation of the Scottish waulking song tradition
Anchal Khansili: An Ecomusicological message from Congo to the World

Language Center: sh 206

Session 24: Resistance and Community Organisation 8

Aimee George: Surveillance and Strategy from contemporary South African women in jazz
Grace Healy: From the Archives: British Punk, Fanzines and Rock Against Prejudice!
Melissa Arkley: “It’s metal as fuck to address these topics”: How women and non-binary extreme metal vocalists are using the conventions of extreme metal to do feminist activism

Language Center: sh 205

Panel 2: Levelling the Music Playing Field: Diversity and Inclusion in Music. Necessary conditions but are they sufficient for equity?

June Fileti: Activist Research through Action Research: Creating Cultural Capital through Assessment in Instrumental Music Tuition
Vasileios Stamatis: Music Graded examinations revenue model and global inequality: Time for a different approach?

Topelia: C 120

Session 25: Methods of Activism in Research 1

Andrea Dankić: But what if my research interest ends up hurting me or my family?: Reflections on methodology and ethics
Matti Huttunen: Music and Militant Optimism: Some Implications of Ernst Bloch’s Philosophy of Music
Sarah Sauvé: How do you solve a problem like capitalism? Capitalism and anti-capitalism in music research

11:30-12:00 Coffee
12:00-13:00 Language Center: Festive Hall

Keynote III

Minna Salami: Revelation and Revolution: The Connection of Black Feminist Theory and the Arts

13:00-14:00 Porthania: Unicafe



Parallel Sessions VIII

Language Center: Festive Hall

Session 26 (online): Resistance and Community Organisation 9

Xulia Feixoo: A Illa é nosa! Ethnomusicology, activism and community engagement in Ons Island (NW Iberian Peninsula)
Tessa Balser-Schuhmann and Nicole Kiruka: Claim the Space! Music, Performance, and Corporeality in the Feminist Movements in Vienna
Brett Pyper with members of the Cosmopolitan Collective: Music, Research, and Activism amidst the ‘post-postapartheid’ 

Language Center: sh 206

Session 27: Politics in Musical Works and Practices 7

Imke Misch: Nuclear disasters in music: Aspects of artistic activism in works of Toshio Hosokawa, Mayako Kubo and Keiko Fujiie
Inka Rantakallio: Hip hop feminism, women rappers, and whiteness in Finnish hip hop
Dan Mollenkamp: Globality and Universalism from the Exclusive and the Elite: Reframing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

Language Center: sh 205

Session 28: Work for Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 2

Van Armenian: Music Education as Active Reconciliation: A Model for Degenociding Colonial States
Allison Alcorn: You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught: A Case Study of Agency in University Music History Students

Topelia: C 120

Session 29: Methods of Activism in Research 2

Eirik Skjelstadt: Between the Binaries: Neptune’s Story
Ieva Gudaityte: On hosting and being hosted: community music radio research and practice
Carolin Müller: Whose Crisis is It? Embodied Resistance and Sonic Warfare 

15:30 Language Center: Festive Hall Closing of the Conference