The conference took place in downtown Helsinki, in room PII of the Porthania building of the University of Helsinki. The public lectures on Thursday morning will be in Porthania room PI.

The titles and abstracts of talks can be found at the bottom of this page.
Inverse problems in analysis and geometry, 1.8.-5.8.2022


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09:00 Paternain Beretta Krishnan Siltanen (9.30-10.30)  
10:00 Coffee break Coffee break  Coffee break  Coffee break (10.30-11.00)  Coffee break 
10:30 Guillarmou Cakoni Monard Parker (11.00-12.00) Tzou
11:30 Zworski Stefanov Kian (Bridges public lectures) Oksanen

12:30 -14:00


Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch


14:00  García-Ferrero Lefeuvre   Bohr  
14:30 Feizmohammadi Ilmavirta   Blåsten  
15:00 Coffee break Coffee break   Coffee break  
15:30 Lightning talks Lightning talks   Liimatainen  
16.00 Posters Posters   Murphy  
18:00   Reception Conference dinner    

Reception address: City Hall, Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, Helsinki

Conference dinner address: Helenankatu 2, 00170, Helsinki

Please find the titles and abstracts of all talks here. For the public lectures on Thursday morning please see the Bridges 2022 conference program.


Schedule for the lightning talks


Divyansh Agrawal: Unique continuation results for Ray and Momentum Ray transforms on symmetric tensor fields

Duc-Lam Duong: Inverse problems for hyperbolic conservation laws - a Bayesian approach

Jaakko Kultima: Inverse scattering for quasi-linear biharmonic operator in 2D

Ping Liu: Mathematical foundation of sparsity-based multi-illumination superresolution

Stephen McDowall: Luminescent Solar Concentrators 

Oliver Petersen: Wave equations in subextremal Kerr-de Sitter spacetimes


Pu-Zhao Kow: Non-scattering phenomena and quadrature domains

Antti Kykkänen: Pestov identities and X-ray tomography on non-smooth Riemannian manifolds

Shiqi Ma: An anisotropic inverse problem on certain Riemannian manifolds

Janne Nurminen: An inverse problem for the minimal surface equation

Suman Kumar Sahoo: The linearized Calder´on problem for polyharmonic operators

Philipp Zimmermann: Inverse fractional conductivity problem

Joey Zou: The C∞-isomorphism property for a class of singularly-weighted Xray transforms