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Please find below our contact details and information about traveling to and staying in Finland and Helsinki. Closer to the conference, we will provide more information here. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.
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Contacting the local organizers:

If you have any questions or need more information concerning the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us:


EED 2024 Slack channel:

Do you have questions for our local organizers in Helsinki, or want to start networking with other attendees? Interested in coordinating travel or room sharing? Join our Slack channel to connect, discuss, and plan together for the upcoming event. It’s a great way to engage with the community and make your conference experience even better. Join our slack channel now!

Visa requirements and travel documents

As of 2024, citizens from 89 countries can enter Finland without a visa for short-term stays. We recommend to carefully review the visa requirement and travel documents accepted by Finland as provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

In general, traveling can involve some bureaucracy when applying for a visa. In order to make your participation in EED2024 as easy as possible, we provide below the most important guidelines, information and links for visa applicants. For detailed information and instructions issued by the Finnish government, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There you will find details on all matters concerning your visit to Finland.

The exact application process depends on the country of origin and more details can be found here. As the visa is only intended for short-term travel, the application is relatively straight forward. All attendees that require a visa will be applying for a Schengen visa that allows for a 90-day stay within any 180-day period in all Schengen countries. To apply for a visa, please follow the steps on the online application form or download the form as a pdf (available in multiple languages). Please keep in mind, that an in person appointment at a Finish mission might be required for your visa approval!

For every visa application a list of personal documents will be have to be provided. The minimum requirements include the following documents:

  1. The visa application form completed and signed
  2. One photograph
  3. A passport
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Supporting documents
  6. Parental consent is required for minors
  7. Possible interview

Please note that depending on the country you are travelling from, different requirements might apply. Check out the country specific documents here. The application comes with a processing fee, which is usually at 80€. For more information on the processing fees, see here.

The processing time for a Finnish travel visa is typically 3-4 weeks from the date of the application submission. However, this may vary based on the volume of applications and other factors so we recommend to apply for a Visa at least 6 weeks prior to the travelling dates. 

By following these steps and ensuring all required documents are in order, you increase your chances of a smooth and timely visa approval. Always check the official website of the Finnish Immigration Service for the most current and specific requirements. Safe travels!

For a sucessfull visa application you might in need of a support letter that we are happy to provide for you. Please use the following form to request a letter or send us an email.

Sustainable Travel to Helsinki

We know, Helsinki is not the easiest city in Europe to get to, especially if you favor eco-friendly travel. But it can be worth the effort, as some of the routes are very scenic and include a nice ferry ride across the Baltic Sea. And you can even make the trip more enjoyable: Use our Slack channel to find people to travel with.

For sustainable travel, there's a great site for getting to and from Finland without flying, but it's only in Finnish (but the Chrome browser with direct translation enabled is a great help for using it anyway). A good one in English for all of Europe (including Finland) is All you have to do is select Helsinki as your destination as well as your starting point, and you get all the options.

The short version of the options is

  1. Take the bus/train to Stockholm and then take the ferry to Helsinki, or take the ferry from Stockholm to Turku and then take the train to Helsinki. To get to Stockholm, there is e.g. an overnight sleeper train from Hamburg, or some even from Munich/Innsbruck, or day trains.
  2. Take bus/train to Travelmunde and take a direct ferry to Helsinki
  3. Take a bus/train to Warsaw and a 'direct' bus to Helsinki via the Baltic States: (it's the same bus, and the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry ticket is included in the price.

Alternatively or in addition, consider the following suggestions:

  • Direct flights save an average of 100 kg of carbon dioxide per person, which is the equivalent of running a refrigerator for a year.
  • Finland is a wonderful country to visit in the summer. Why not combine the EED conference with a holiday in Finland?
  • Consider using carbon offset programs to balance out your flight's emissions. Many airlines offer direct options to offset carbon emissions when booking tickets.
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