Call for Papers

University of Helsinki cordially invites scholars working on or interested in Ethnography of Communication to Helsinki, Finland for a conference titled Ethnography of Communication and Interdisciplinary Moves to be held June 11-14, 2019.

This is the fourth conference devoted to Ethnography of Communication approaches; other conferences have gathered in Oregon, Omaha, and most recently in New York. The theoretical-methodological approach of Ethnography of Communication is a particular way to study culture, communication and interaction. It lives in and nourishes multiple languages and countries and pulls on different academic communities such as linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, anthropological linguistics, folklore studies, media studies, conversation analysis, etc.

The June 2019 conference has a two-fold structure designed to benefit local and international researchers. First, invited workshops and paper presentations will explore the ways in which Ethnography of Communication relates in particular with language ideology, folklore studies, and media ethnography. All three approaches or disciplines are alive and strong at the University of Helsinki, and they are closely related to Ethnography of Communication. Second, individual papers and panels will present recent research and other works on the Ethnography of Communication.

We hereby invite individual abstracts and panel proposals that apply Ethnography of Communication, report on research in Ethnography of Communication, or present recent developments in Ethnography of Communication. All submissions are competitively selected.

Submissions should address and answer any of the following questions and/or themes:

  • How might we combine research on language ideologies with Ethnography of Communication?
  • How might we combine research on folklore studies with Ethnography of Communication?
  • In what ways are methods in media ethnography in anthropology and methods applied in Ethnography of Communication shared or not? How do the methods used in media ethnography compare to those used in Ethnography of Communication?
  • Presentations that consider Ethnography of Communication research as it crosses disciplinary borders.
  • Recent questions, concerns, and research in Ethnography of Communication.

Abstract submission opens November 1, 2018, and closes December 3, 2018. Edit: Acceptance of abstracts, evaluated by the academic review board, will be announced by January 18, 2019 instead of January 15, 2019 as stated before.

Tervetuloa kesäkuussa Helsinkiin!

On behalf of the local organizing committee,

Saila Poutiainen (chair)


Abstract submissions should be 300-500 words (not including references). It is recommended that the abstracts include references. Panel proposals should also be about 500 words, including rationale, proposed participants as well as each participant's contribution (e.g., title of presentation). Abstract submission ended December 3rd.

Interested in submitting? Please email us at