Social program

Here you will find information on evening program and social program organized during the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Helsinki.
Conference reception

The conference reception of the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale will be held on the evening of Thursday 11 July. It is included in the registration fee. The reception venue Maxine is located near the city centre in Kamppi, within easy walking distance of the conference venue.

The reception venue is accessible by wheelchair. There is no induction loop. Next to the cloakroom there are two steps, but a ramp is available upon request. There are two elevators from the base level to the reception venue on the 6th floor. There is one accessible toilet in the reception venue.

City of Helsinki reception

The City of Helsinki reception is organized on the first evening of the conference, Monday 8 July. Up to 400 registered participants of the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale can take part in the City of Helsinki reception. The City of Helsinki reception is held in Helsinki City Hall within an easy walking distance from the conference venue. 

The venue is accessible by lift and there is a small accessible toilet. There is no fixed induction loop but a mobile induction loop is available upon request in the reception.

Young scholars' reception

A networking reception will be organized for BA, MA, and PhD students attending the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale on the evening of Wednesday 10 July. The Young scholars' reception venue is located in the Helsinki city centre, within an easy walking distance of the conference venue.

The Young scholars' reception venue is accessible by lift. The front door is heavy and there is no induction loop in the venue. There is one accessible toilet. There are moderate thresholds in doorways and the way to the lift is not very wide.

Afternoon social program, Wednesday 10 July

Optional excursions and other social program has been organized for the afternoon of Wednesday 10 July. Participants of the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale have the option to register for program of their choice for an extra fee. Registration for these events is done on the conference registration form. Please find more information on social program options below.

In case there are not enough registrations for a social program option, it will be cancelled and the fee will be returned to those who registered.

The Tsar’s Helsinki Walking Tour dives into the first hundred years of building Helsinki into the capital of Finland and its central monuments. The heart of the capital of autonomous Finland developed around the Senate Square. Influence was taken from Saint Petersburg and Berlin’s Neoclassicism in which symmetry, column systems and other architectural methods inherited from the Classical Period and the Renaissance played a significant part. In the late 19th century, a smaller square of public buildings formed by the Bank of Finland, the House of the Estates and the National Archives of Finland was created adjacent to the Senate Square. It also reflected the ideals of the Renaissance but with a more patriotic nature.

The walking tour will be max 1,5 hours long. Some of the streets are paved with cobblestone or Belgian blocks.

Fee: 10€
Min: 20 participants
Max: 100 participants

The guided tour of Suomenlinna Fortress takes you around the fortress islands through the centuries, presenting the main sights and the key events in the history of the fortress, offering interesting perspectives on the Finnish history and history of Northern Europe. The guided walking tours take you through the historic Susisaari and Kustaanmiekka areas and provide information on the colourful past of the fortress. The tour introduces, for example, the Great Courtyard and the dry dock, which once was one of the largest in the world.

Suomenlinna Fortress is located on an island off the coast of Helsinki. There will be a 15–20 minute boat trip to and from the island (included in the price of the tour), and a walking tour of the fortress in open air. The tour will take approximately 1,5 hours. Some of the walking will be on cobblestones and uneven terrain. We recommend dressing according to the weather and wearing shoes fit for walking.

Fee: 25€
Min: 35 participants
Max: 140 participants

In this tour we drive to the municipality of Kirkkonummi, a relatively rugged area with cliffs, lakes and forest ca. 30 km to the west of Helsinki, and visit two prehistoric rock painting sites and the castle-like Art Nouveau villa of Hvitträsk.

The rock paintings date to the Neolithic period (ca. 5200-1500 BCE) and consist of human figures, fish, elks, handprints and geometric motifs. In spite of their great age, the scenes depicted find parallels in the historically attested religious traditions of the Saami and the Finns, which makes it possible to interpret some of the figures.

The villa of Hvitträsk, which is located right next to one of the paintings, is considered a jewel of Finnish national romantic architecture and a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, where every detail was supervised by the architect’s vision. It was built in 1903 by the architect trio Gesellius, Lindgren and Saarinen - who designed several key landmarks in Helsinki - as their studio and family home, and was opened to the public in 1971. We stop by at the villa and take a tour of the museum before driving back to Helsinki.

This excursion involves walking off paved roads to see the rock paintings. The terrain is not particularly difficult, but can be challenging for people with mobility issues. We recommended that you dress according to the weather and wear shoes suitable for walking in the forest.

Fee: 25€
Min: 8 participants
Max: 16 participants

Experience the relaxation of a traditional Finnish sauna on the beautiful island of Uunisaari, located in central Helsinki. The island is only 25 minutes away from the central campus by public transport (tram number 3 and ferry). Enjoy the soft heat of the löyly, the views of the archipelago of Helsinki, and cool down in the Baltic Sea. The ferry ticket is included in the cost of the excursion.

Separate saunas are available for men and women. Towels, peflettis, and toiletries are provided on the island of Uunisaari. Bring your own swimsuit! Visit the website (unfortunately, only available in Finnish) here.

It is advisable to bring a water bottle with you.

Fee: 35€
Min: 20 participants
Max: 50 participants