Practical information

Virtual EGF2020 conference

The event was organized 19-21 October 2020 using the Zoom software. Thank you all participants for making the event a success!

Information about zoom service and information security

Funet Miitti (Zoom) and the public Zoom service are different services

The University of Helsinki uses the Funet Miitti (Zoom) service, which is provided by CSC and implemented through the NORDUnet in cooperation with other Nordic countries. The service is implemented in compliance with Finnish law and European data protection regulations. The Zoom service provided by CSC and NORDUnet is technically different from the Zoom service provided by the US-based Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

The news on the transmission of phone numbers or credit card information do not concern the service provided by CSC and NORDUnet. The NORDUnet environment does not use Zoom cloud storage, and Zoom has no access to the video or audio from meetings. The service description of Funet Miitti is public.