Keynote speakers

18th International Saga Conference
Haraldur Bernharðsson

Haraldur Bernharðsson is associate professor of medieval Icelandic studies at Háskóli Íslands. He defended his PhD. in linguistics at Cornell University in 2001. His research focuses on Icelandic language (esp. in the 14th c.), Eddic poetry, and medieval manuscripts. He has examined the development of the Old Norse language during the period when the sagas were written down, and he has pointed out how linguistics can cast light on the meaning of medieval texts.

More information about Haraldur Bernharðsson can be found here.

Stephen A. Mitchell

Stephen A. Mitchell is professor of folkloristics at Harvard University. He defended his PhD thesis at the University of Minnesota in 1980. His research focuses on witchcraft, magic and women's history in medieval Scandinavia, medieval Icelandic mythical-heroic sagas and their heritage in more recent Scandinavian ballads and other oral traditions, memory studies and representations of the past.

More information about Stephen A. Mitchell can be found here.

Neil Price

Neil Price is professor of archaeology at the University of Uppsala. He defended his PhD at the University of Uppsala in 2002. His research focuses on early medieval North c. 400-1100 CE, especially the Viking Age, and the historical archaeology of the Asia-Pacific region from the 1700s to the present. Current interests include Scandinavian and Germanic pre-Christian religion, ritual, sorcery and magic; Viking-Age mentality and world-view, could called be the ‘Northern mind’; Viking-Age gender, sexuality, and identity; Viking-Age mortuary behaviour and funerary drama; the Scandinavian experience in the Frankish Empire; the Vikings in the East, including contacts with Islam and the Silk Roads; and the socio-cultural impact of natural disasters and climate change.

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