The Centre for Educational Assessment actively contributes to teaching at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, as well as to the continuing education of teachers and experts in the educational sector. Furthermore, we supervise theses and provide our research datasets for students working on their master’s and doctoral theses.
Continuing education based on research
Develop your assessment skills

The National Network for Developing Assessment Literacy KAARO network organises for teachers a 25-credit basic and continuing education module in assessment and the development of assessment literacy.

The KAARO network is a development project supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education. The network assembles research-based knowledge acquired from Finnish and international universities on assessment literacy and its development, as well as clarifying the goals and content of strength-based assessment literacy.

Support equality

Designed in the KUPERA project, courses focused on cultural, worldview and language awareness in learning and teaching highlight central related challenges and solutions, as well as offering support for teachers and pupils to develop their skills related to these themes. The courses are based on prior knowledge gained through research and provide staff with concrete models for the development of learning and teaching as well as the supervision, guidance and interaction occurring in school from the perspectives of cultural, worldview and language awareness. The courses also consider the perspectives of the differentiation of learning and the equality of assessment.

Supplement your leadership skills

The Leadership in Educational Contexts (LeadEd) research group organises training modules for leaders in the education sector.

Tailored training days, lectures and workshops

The Centre for Educational Assessment employs experts specialised in a range of themes. We can tailor interactive lectures, workshops, training days or entire courses to meet your particular needs. We are happy to provide training in the utilisation of our reports and assessments, as well as the implementation of development proposals.

Our previous themes have included learning to learn, cognitive skills, assessment expertise, training for special support and management, as well as a number of other themes. We assess, study and provide training in recurring themes, which makes it possible to develop new assessment and research projects into new educational opportunities.

Contact person
Teaching at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

We actively contribute to teaching offered in the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences. We provide high-quality methodological teaching in support of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences, research and the assessment of Finnish education.


Each year, we supervise theses and provide our research datasets for students working on their master’s and doctoral theses.

Regardless of your master’s level study track in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, you are welcome to apply for the right to write your master’s thesis at the Centre for Educational Assessment. At the centre, master’s theses can be written as article-based theses or traditional monograph theses. 

Doctoral theses are supervised under the Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE) and the Doctoral Programme in Cognition, Learning, Instruction and Communication (CLIC). Doctoral theses can be written as article-based theses or monographs, but the former is the recommended form due to the opportunity afforded by it to write articles collaboratively with other researchers, thus learning more about research and the research community.

We find it important that people working on their theses consider themselves part of our community. If you are interested in completing your thesis at the centre or utilising our datasets, please reach out to our specialists.



Method clinic

Supervisors at the method clinic assist students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences in questions pertaining to research methods at

The method clinic provides students with assistance in questions concerning the interpretation and reporting of results. Clinic supervisors offer help in topics related to both qualitative and quantitative methods. Please describe in detail the nature of the assistance you need. Also state your name, the name of your thesis supervisor, your research topic and question, and a brief description of your data and the research method used.

The purpose of the method clinic is to support students struggling with the use of methods and the analysis of data in their master’s theses. Please note, however, that your master’s thesis supervisor is responsible for the overall supervision of your master’s thesis (including the consideration of research questions and research design).