Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society and Culture
The Doctoral Programme of School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE) is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on research fields in the educational sciences. The programme invites applications of both international and national potential doctoral candidates with adequate Master’s degrees. The programme also welcomes teachers, education leaders, reformers, and policymakers who are interested in applying specific educational theories and research methods to meet the challenges of practice within a framework of equality and social justice in education.
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The goal of the Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society, and Culture (SEDUCE) is to enable its doctoral students to acquire the expert knowledge to carry out research in the areas of education, school, teaching, and learning. The programme is multidisciplinary and focuses on various research fields of the educational sciences, for example, education from early education to adult education and work research, home economics, craft studies, special education, multicultural education, and subject education.

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The University of Helsinki scores highly in international comparisons of research and teaching in the educational sciences: it is among the leading Nordic and European universities.
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