Assessment and research

The Centre for Educational Assessment has been researching Finnish education and learning to learn since 1996. The object of our interest is the quality of teaching and training and its development. We are part of the Faculty of Education at the University of Helsinki.
Assessment and research projects

Centre for Educational Assessment CEA is conducting several research and assessment projects related to different research themes. We carry out research-based evaluations, which also constantly produces new research data. Our research group consists of experts in several different research topics, and our competent staff makes the evaluations run smoothly. Our research group also supports other research groups of the Faculty of Education in data collection and analysis, and cooperates in research with both domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. Get to know our projects and join us in cooperation.

Assessment of education in cooperation

We conduct regional, national and international research collaboration. Our assessment and research projects are carried out in cooperation with a number of  collaborators.


Our research group, which comprises experts from a range of educational fields, conducts research of a high international standard and actively publishes its research in esteemed Finnish and international publication series and journals.