Unitube service terms of use

Unitube is the University's own video publishing platfrom, through which university staff publish video and audio recordings about research, teaching and University operations. Before using the service, users must accept these terms of use.
You agree to the following by using the service
  • The publisher of the recording (“the publisher” refers to the person who uploads a video or audio recording to the Unitube service) shall be responsible for having the right to publish the uploaded recording on the internet. In the event that there are other people featured in the recording in addition to the publisher, the publisher shall be responsible for obtaining consent from the other persons featured to have the recording distributed on the internet.
  • The publisher of the recording shall be responsible for ensuring that the recording is not in breach of anyone’s intellectual property rights or other rights. The publisher understands and accepts that the Unitube service is a system developed for the open publishing of audio and video material. Unitube is not designed as a high-security system. The publisher understands and accepts that the metadata of recordings (name, description) are openly accessible on the internet even if the viewing rights to the actual recording are restricted. The publisher shall not publish sensitive material in the Unitube service: sensitive material includes, for example, confidential patient–doctor communication, student–instructor evaluations, confidential meetings and other confidential content. The publisher shall only publish audio or video material whose public distribution (via the open internet) does not adversely affect anyone.
  • Published recordings shall be closely related to the university’s basic operations. The Unitube service shall not be used for recordings that are not part of the university’s operations, such as personal, commercial or political recordings. Recordings shall be compliant with good practices and in good taste, and recordings shall not offend other people.
  • The copyrights to the recording shall not be transferred from the publisher to the University of Helsinki, but the University of Helsinki shall receive the right to use the recording free of charge for the duration of its life span. By default, the life span of published recordings is 18 months; however, the publisher may extend their life span or ask the IT Center at the University of Helsinki to set a longer life span for the recordings (e.g. this is possible if the recordings are somehow important for the university). In the event that the publisher leaves the University of Helsinki, the recording shall remain accessible on the Unitube service in accordance with the access settings and life span configured by the publisher. Upon leaving the university, the publisher may also transfer ownership of the recording to another University of Helsinki employee or, alternatively, permanently delete the recording from the Unitube service.
  • The University of Helsinki provides the Unitube service for use by publishers, but does not decide on or otherwise participate in the publication of recordings. The publication of recordings is carried out solely by the publisher and at the publisher’s responsibility. The University of Helsinki’s digital communications unit serves as the Editor for the audiovisual content of the Unitube service. The Editor and the IT Center reserve the right to remove recordings from the service provided that there are justifiable grounds for doing so. Justifiable grounds may include, for example:
    • the recording having reached the end of its life span,
    • the recording being in breach of the Unitube service’s terms of use, the IT Center’s general terms of use, laws, regulations or orders issued by the authorities,
    • the recording being in breach of the rights of third parties,
    • the recording posing a disruption to the technical functioning of the Unitube system.
  • The University of Helsinki shall also have the right to terminate the service at any time and to permanently remove all recordings from the service when the service is terminated. The IT Center at the University of Helsinki further reserves the right to transcode recordings in accordance with new file compression technologies as necessary.