The new Advisory Board has begun its term

The Advisory Board of the Aleksanteri Institute has officially begun its 4-year-term on Monday 1st of May. Its task is to maintain the institute's connections to research communities, the business sector and public administration.

The Institute has an advisory board that consists of distinguished members representing business, public administration, politics, the media and the academic community. Its task is to evaluate the institute's activities, give recommendations on these activities and maintain the Institute's connections to research communities, the business sector and public administration.

The University of Helsinki appoints the members of the advisory committee for a 4-year term. The board meets to discuss various themes at least once every year. 

The newly selected advisory board consists of the following members: 

  • Chair of the Advisory Board
    Herlin, Ilkka, Vice Chair, Cargotec Ltd

  • Aalto, Pami, Jean Monnet Professor, University of Tampere 
  • Apunen, Matti, Chairman of the Yle Board 
  • Davydova-Minguet, Olga, Professor, Karelian Institute at UEF 
  • Eloranta, Jari, Professor & Vice Dean, University of Helsinki 
  • Härkönen, Aleksi, Arctic Ambassador Emeritus, Formin  
  • Jasinskaja-Lahti, Inga, Professor, University of Helsinki 
  • Johansson, Frank, Director of Amnesty Finland
  • Kantola, Anu, Professor, University of Helsinki 
  • Lähteenmäki, Maria, Professor, Karelian Institute at UEF 
  • Nyyssönen, Heino, University Lecturer, University of Turku 
  • Ohra-aho, Harri, Ministerial Adviser for Intelligence 
  • Pesu, Simo, Head of the Russia Group, National Defence University 
  • Pohjanvirta, Olli, CEO, Nurminen Logistics Ltd  
  • Rekolainen, Jaana, CEO, EastCham Finland 
  • Solanko, Laura, Senior Advisor, BOFIT at Bank of Finland 
  • Tiilikainen, Teija, Director, Hybrid CoE
  • Turoma, Sanna, Professor, University of Tampere 
  • Veijalainen, Lauri, CEO, East Office of Finnish Industries 
  • Viljanen, Ritva, Mayor, City of Vantaa