Bergmane is the Latvian historian of the Year

Congratulations to our Academy Research Fellow Dr. Una Bergmane, the Latvian historian of the Year 2023!

The Latvian Society for the Study and Promotion of History (Vēstures izpētes un popularizēšanas biedrība) has been organising a vote for the award winner for 13 years now and this year the survey gathered a record number of participants. This was also the first time that a historian who has established her career abroad was chosen as the recipient of the award.

In her work, Bergmane focuses on the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. Her recently published book "Politics of Uncertainty. The United States, the Baltic Question, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union” tackles the triangular relationship between Moscow, Washington and the independence movements of the Baltic states.

“It is welcoming to see the interest of people in Latvia, colleagues, and the media in research related to Latvia conducted beyond its borders. The history of Latvia, the Baltics, and the broader context of our region is and will continue to be studied in Europe and around the world. This is good and supportable, and together we must ensure the closest possible connection between developments in the Latvian and international research environment, between academic science and the wider society”, comments Bergmane on receiving the esteemed award.