Ukrainian Studies

The Ukrainian Studies module operated by the Aleksanteri Institute and the University of Helsinki Bachelor's programme in Languages is unique in the Nordic Countries and Europe. It's a comprehensive multidisciplinary module of 30 ECTS that provides the students with opportunities to orientate themselves to the study of Ukrainian language, culture, history and contemporary society as well as Ukraine's relations to Russia and the EU.

The study module is of special value for those wishing to work in public administration, NGOs or international business connected with Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Every degree and exchange student of the University of Helsinki has the right to take the Ukrainian Studies. Students of the Aleksanteri Institute Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies (ExpREES) can take the Ukrainian Studies courses that are included in the ExpREES teaching programme.

Students outside the University of Helsinki may apply for the right to partake in the Ukrainian Studies through the Flexible Study-Right Scheme (JOO). All Finland’s universities are signatories to the JOO agreement, which gives undergraduate and postgraduate students the chance to include studies from other Finnish universities in their degrees. The flexible study right for the Ukraine Studies can be applied through the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. Further information about JOO

Master’s or Bachelor’s degree holders that hold are not subscribed to any university can apply the right to take Ukrainian Studies as non-degree studies: this refers to the possibility of taking completing specific courses in order to upgrade professional qualifications. Further information about non-degree studies

Please note that the teaching programme might be subject to changes and additions, so it is advisable to check course-specific information before the start of the course.

Autumn 2018

Comparative Politics in Post-Soviet Eurasia (KIK-UK106, ENS-317, ExpREES), I period

Ukrainian film classics: avant-garde and poetic cinema (KIK-UK104, TTK-EL260, ExpREES), I period

Introduction to Ukraine (KIK-UK105, KIK-UK104, KIK-UK106, ExpREES, ENS-317, ENS-339), II period

The EU, Russia and the shared neighbourhood: relations after the Ukraine crisis (KIK-UK106, ExpREES, ENS-317), II period

Belarus between East and West (KIK-UK106, ALKU-E319, ExpREES, ENS-317), webcourse, II period

Digital text analysis in Russian and East European studies (ALKU-IK533, KIK-UK105, ExpREES, ENS-515/525 and ENS-H300/S300 specialization course), web course & workshop, II period
NB: web lectures start already on week 43

Introduction to Central Asian Politics (KIK-UK106, ENS-317, ExpREES), two-week intensive course (weeks 45 & 46), II period

Spring 2019

Orange Revolution and Euromaidan in Ukraine. Preconditions, aims and outcomes. (KIK-UK105, KIK-UK106, ExpREES, ENS-317, ENS-339), III period

Modern Ukrainian Culture (KIK-UK104, ExpREES), IV period, WEB COURSE

(Ukraine's Transformations in Comparative Perspective (KIK-UK105, ExpREES, ENS-339), intensive course, IV period) CANCELLED

Chornobyl and Nuclear Narrative Studies: the Case of Ukraine (KIK-UK104, KIK-UK105, ALKU-E319, ExpREES, ENS-339), IV period

Territory, Power and Governance in the Post-Soviet Countries (KIK-UK106, ExpREES, ENS-317), IV period

Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe: Past and Present (ALKU-IK533, KIK-UK105, KUKA-IK506, KUKA-IK508, ALKU-E317, ALKU-E320, ExpREES, ENS-314, ENS-316, ENS-515/525 and ENS-H300/S300 specialization courses), IV period

Hip Hop East (KUKA-IK507, KIK-UK104, KUKA-IK503, KUKA-AL217, ALKU-E313, ExpREES, ENS-338, ENS-515 and ENS-525 specialization courses), IV period

Independent language studies for non-Finnish speakers

Elementary course in Ukrainian (KIK-UK101), INDEPENDENT STUDIES only for non-Finnish speakers, I-IV period

Continuation course in Ukrainian (KIK-UK102), INDEPENDENT STUDIES only for non-Finnish speakers, I-IV period

Ukrainian texts (KIK-UK103), INDEPENDENT STUDIES only for non-Finnish speakers, I-IV period

Old teaching programmes

Teaching programme 2008-2009 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2009-2010 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2010-2011 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2011-2012 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2012-2013 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2013-2014 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2014-2015 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2015-2016 (pdf)
Teaching programme 2016-2017 (pdf)

Degree requirements can be found in WebOodi course catalogues. Please note that only the programme and study unit titles are in English and the more precise descriptions are in Finnish. Please turn to Ukrainina Studies Planning Officer if you have questions concerning the degree requirements.

New study programmes starting from Autumn 2017

Starting from Autumn term 2017 you can take Ukrainian Studies as a 30 ECTS study module. You can find sturucture of studies in the Bachelor's Programme in Languages WebOodi catalogue:

Weboodi front page > Instruction/Courses > Course catalogues > Faculty of Arts > Bachelor's Programme in Languages > Study blocks > KIK-UK100 Ukrainian Studies 30 cr

Old system degree requirements until 31.7.2020

In the old system Ukrainian Studies can be taken as 25 ECTS study block until Spring term 2020. Degree requirements can be found in WebOodi:

Weboodi front page > Instruction/Courses > Course catalogues > Faculty of Arts > Aleksanteri Institute > Ukrainian Studies Study Block > Study Blocks > 94300 Ukrainian Studies, Basic Studies (VUK100), 25 cr (check also Study units)

Old degree requirements

Old degree requirements can be found in WebOodi in the following way:

Weboodi front page > Instruction/Courses > Course catalogues > Faculty of Arts > Aleksanteri Institute > Ukrainian Studies Study Block: choose the academic year you wish to examine from the drop-down menu and press "Search".

Instructions for students

In the Instuctions for students you can find instructions and forms concerning the Ukrainian Studies by choosing Bachelor's Programme in Languages as the degree programme. University lecturer, Adjunct Professor Ahti Nikunlassi (see Contact information for staff) grants overall grades for the Ukrainian Studies, and is responsible for recognition of credits completed elsewhere, for example during exchange studies.

Studying abroad

University of Helsinki has a bilateral exchange agreement to Ukraine, where the partner university is National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in Kyiv. Exchange places are open to application for students from all faculties, but due to the current situation in Ukraine no calls for applications for the outgoing student will be organised for the time being. Students interested in going to Ukraine are encouraged to apply for summer / short courses.

For further information please see: Exchange opportunities in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia

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Operative staff:
Director of Educational Programmes Jouni Järvinen
Planning Officer Minna Oroza

Other members of Planning group:

  • Ahti Nikunlassi, Professor, Department Languages, Russian Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts
  • Päivi Saurio, Full-time Teacher, Department of Languages, Russian Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts
  • Mark Teramae, researcher, PhD candidate, political science & Aleksanteri Institute
  • Sanna Turoma, Academy of Finland Fellow, Aleksanteri Institute

Student representation:

  • We are looking for new student members, information of the new members will be updated here most probably during Autumn 2018.

The planning group supports pedagogical planning and development and participates to long-term strategic development of the Ukrainian Studies. The planning group consists of researchers/teachers and two student members.

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