International impact

Aleksanteri Institute works actively in linking the Finnish and global research networks and facilitates mobility of people and exchange of ideas for the benefit of furthering the understanding of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our resident scholars are all embedded in international scholarly networks and mobile in doing fieldwork and research visits at universities in Europe, Russia and the US.

The Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Programme functions as a hub of research discussions across global networks. Beyond this programme, we offer opportunities for other scholars from outside of Finland by hosting self-funded research visits and by providing support for selected scholars in making research funding applications to start their projects at the University of Helsinki.

For BA, MA and doctoral students, we offer a multitude of opportunities for building international expertise. We make available to them our international research and educational networks and we proactively develop and operate innovative international educational projects. We create opportunities for international student mobility and are active in international doctoral training networks with Russian, Nordic and other European partners (FRRESH and YRUSH programmes). We also offer students avenues for building their international capacity through our international summer schools, and students gain an additional unique expertise by joining student teams organising annual excursions to Central Asia, Caucasus, or Russia. The Aleksanteri Institute also operates language training in Russia for all Finnish universities’ Russian language majors.