Decision making and financing
The Aleksanteri Institute is a multidisciplinary research institute affiliated to the University of Helsinki Faculty of arts.

Decisions are made by the director of the institute together with the dean. We follow the strategy and policies of the University of Helsinki and the guidelines laid down by our national executive board and an advisory board appointed by the rector of the University of Helsinki.The study programmes have their own executive boards representing partner universities. The staff and students of the Aleksanteri Institute play an important role in decision making.

Decision making at the University of Helsinki

The Aleksanteri Institute was founded in 1996 as an independent research institute at the University of Helsinki and affiliated to the Faculty of Arts in 2016. We share the strategy of the University of Helsinki and its policies in HR and financial management, and support the Faculty of Arts in reaching its goals. The institute is represented in the faculty council as well as diverse sectoral councils at the university.  

The Executive Board of the Aleksanteri Institute

The executive board is appointed by the Dean of the faculty of arts, University of Helsinki, and comprises of the chairperson and nine members, each member having a personal deputy. Three members represent the University of Helsinki. One of them must be a representative of the Institute's staff. Six members represent partners of the University of Helsinki, three of them representing universities.

The dean has nominated the following board of trustees with a mandate for the period 1.4.2022–31.3.2026

  • Dean Marjaana Seppänen, University of Helsinki, chair
    deputy: Professor Johanna Viimaranta, University of Helsinki
  • Dean Johanna Niemi, University of Helsinki
    deputy: Research Manager Joni Virkkunen, University of Eastern Finland 
  • Professor Riitta Kosonen, Aalto University
    deputy: Senior Science Adviser Mikko Ylikangas, Academy of Finland
  • Professor Markku Lonkila, University of Jyväskylä
    deputy: Senior researcher Jussi Lassila, Finnish Institute of International Affairs 
  • University Lecturer Emilia Palonen, University of Helsinki
    deputy: Councellor Kimmo Kääriäinen, Church Council
  • Director Tuomas Forsberg, University of Helsinki
    deputy: Professor Juhana Aunesluoma, University of Helsinki
  • Director of Research Juha Martelius, Ministry of Defence
    deputy: Professor Petteri Jouko, National Defence University
  • Professor Soili Nystén-Haarala, University of Lapland
    deputy: University Lecturer Pia Koivunen, University of Turku
  • Director General Marja Liivala, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    deputy: Professor Tarja Väyrynen, University of Tampere
  • Professor Tomi Huttunen, University of Helsinki
    deputy: University Lecturer Maija Penttilä, University of Helsinki
  • Visiting researcher Teemu Oivo, University of Helsinki
    deputy: Training officer Minna Oroza, University of Helsinki
  • Student Heidi Rättyä, University of Helsinki
    deputy: Student Mirkka Ollila, University of Helsinki
The Advisory Board of the Aleksanteri Institute

The Institute has an advisory board that consists of distinguished members representing business, public administration, politics, the media and the academic community. Its task is to evaluate the Institute's activities, give recommendations on these activities and maintain the Institute's connections to research communities, the business sector and public administration.

The Rector of the Helsinki University appoints the members of the advisory committee for a 4-year term. Currently the advisory board consists of the following members: 

  • Chair: Ilkka Herlin
    Chairman of the Board, Cargotec Ltd

  • Matti Apunen, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
  • Anders Blom, Managing director, Eurofacts Oy
  • Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament
  • Martti Häikiö, professor
  • Iikka Korhonen, Head of Institute for Economies in Transition BOFIT, Bank of Finland
  • Katri Kulmuni, Member of Parliament
  • Henrik Lax, Senior Advisor
  • Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Paula Lehtomäki, State Secretary to the Prime Minister
  • Marja Manninen, Journalist, Finnish Broadcasting Company
  • Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Interior affairs
  • Seppo Remes, Senior Advisor
  • Ilkka Salonen, Partner, Septem Partners
  • Heleena Savela, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation
  • Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament
  • Raimo Valo, Managing Director, East Office of Finnish Industries
  • Eira Varis, Manager, Regional Development, Regional Council of North Carelia
  • Ritva Viljanen, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki

The Aleksanteri Institute functions as a unit of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. The annual budget of the Aleksanteri Institute is c. 4 M€,  roughly one third of which is designated by the Ministry of Education and Culture for the institute's national coordination task and roughly one third comes from various external funding sources such as the Academy of Finland and other Finnish and international sources.