How to apply to ExpREES?
The application period for studies starting in Autumn 2022 is open. Apply by April 13th.

ExpREES is open to students from different disciplines and backgrounds. Knowledge of Russian or other East European language is not required, although it helps you in your studies. More important is a strong motivation to develop your understanding of the area and its characteristics. ExpREES helps you grow into a specialist with not only solid competence of your field of study but also ability to apply it in the given context of Russia and Eastern Europe. Before submitting your application, please check that you meet the following criteria:

  • You plan to enroll as a Master's degree student in one of the universities in the ExpREES network (will have rigth to pursue Master's studies in one of the network universities)
  • You have finished or are about to finish your Bachelor's studies (180 cr) by the end of the same year when you apply
  • You plan to write your Master’s thesis about a topic related to Russia/Eastern Europe
  • You have a strong motivation to take studies in the ExpREES programme
  • You have succeeded well in your Bachelor's degree (GPA)

The application consists of an online form including three attachments:

  1. Official and recent transcript of records (from University register)
  2. Curriculum Vitae of max 2 pages
  3. A motivation letter of max 1 page

Approval for recognising ExpREES studies: In addition, applicant to the ExpREES should have an approval from their degree programme/home university, e.g. from a PSP supervisor, a Bachelor's or Master's thesis supervisor, Head of the degree programme for the fact that their ExpREES studies and Master’s thesis related to Russian or Eastern European studies will be recognised as part of their degree awarded by the home university. Please, ask your supervisor to fill the e-form:

The network will enroll ca. 40 students to ExpREES study program. The results of the application process will be announced by 24 May.

Contact person:
Hanna Peltonen
tel. +358 50 331 98 94
hanna.o.peltonen at