Welcome to University of Helsinki

Dear new student of the University of Helsinki,

I am pleased and proud that you have selected the University of Helsinki as your place of study.

From 16,000 universities in the world, the University of Helsinki is usually among the top 100 when it comes to the quality and quantity of research. Consequently, you have chosen one of the best multidisciplinary universities in the world, giving you an excellent opportunity to learn from the best in their respective fields.

As a student, you get to enjoy the comprehensive and multidisciplinary teaching offered by our degree programmes. Most of the Bachelor’s Programmes allow you to familiarise yourself with various disciplines before you have to make decisions about your field of specialisation. Many of our Master’s Programmes link to research that plays a key role in building a better, more sustainable world. You will become a specialist in your field with the capability to understand broad topics, manifold interrelationships and their consequences, and to seek answers and solutions that benefit the world.

Competence useful in working life, such as traineeship periods, research projects and opportunities for international exchange, have been added to the content of all our degree programmes.

Whether your goal is to find your passion or answers to burning global issues, we hope that your university studies will lead you to the work career of your dreams. On your journey, you are supported by your fellow students, teachers and staff as well as the Student Services. Together we reach our goals more easily.

University of Helsinki is home to 40,000 students and employees. I cordially invite you to join our active community and welcome you to our campuses in August 2019!

Kind regards,

Jari Niemelä
Rector of the University of Helsinki

Please make sure that you have taken care of the following matters before your orientation activities begin at the end of August:

If you are an international student, you also need to:

Visit the instructions for new students on the Instructions for Students website for more guidance on your studies.

Academic freedom is highly valued and a capability to study independently is required at the University of Helsinki. However, you will not be left alone. Many helping hands and events will guide you through the start of your studies.

  • The orientation period before the beginning of the academic year will introduce the key operations of the university, your institution and programme. For information about the orientation activities of your programme, see the Instructions for Students website and choose your programme in the drop-down menu.
  • Each new student is assigned to a tutor group led by a senior student studying at the same faculty or programme. You meet your tutor latest when the orientation activities begin.
  • International students get support with administrative matters at the Welcome Fair on 27-28 Aug 2019. It makes it easier to start your life in Helsinki and Finland.
  • The whole university community is eagerly awaiting your arrival. To ensure that your first week goes as smoothly as possible, the members of the university community will wear pink ASK ME! -logos during the first week of the academic year (2–6 Sept 2019). If you have any questions, ask us!
  • Save the date for the Opening Carnival on 2 Sept 2019 and the Freshers Adventure on 27 Sept 2019.

The Student Service Points give you guidance and support all year around. According to our students, also the professors and teachers are easily approachable when you need help or consultation.

Student life is an important part of your study experience. Our active community of students, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), will help you to make the most of it. All degree students are members of the Student Union.

The Student Union looks after your interests as a student both at the university and in society. As a member, you are entitled to membership services and benefits, like affordable student housing, basic healthcare services, sports facilities, student-priced meals and discounts on public transport fares.

Student life blooms and thousands of events are organised in the around 250 student organisations that operate within the Student Union (HYY). Join the fun. Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you. New friends and skills await.

Read more on the Student Union (HYY) website.

    At the University of Helsinki, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach that offers a wide perspective into research and science. Therefore, it is important to bring together students, researchers and people from different fields also outside the classroom:

    Think Corner is a spectacular public meeting place where you find the best talks in town, get inspired by science, absorb multidisciplinary knowledge, meet people and work in a relaxed environment while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

    Helsinki Think Company brings together students, researchers and people interested in entrepreneurship providing a platform for testing business ideas and the tools needed for it: free co-working spaces, community of like-minded individuals, idea and team accelerator programmes, hackathons, mentoring, mini-challenges and workshops. Co-working spaces located on all four campuses of the University of Helsinki.

    In addition, your path to finding employment is forged during your studies. Career Services offer advice and information on career planning, job hunting and internships in Finland and abroad. You can turn to University of Helsinki Career Services from your first year of study up until one year after graduation.

    Congratulations, too, to the parents of new students and others close to them! Beginning university studies is a new stage of life not only for students but also to the people close to them.

    University of Helsinki is a great place to study. We support students in many ways, for example, by providing supervision, guidance, a safe study environment, a high-quality healthcare system and other benefits like student-priced meals. But also family and friends can support students during their studies.

    For this new life stage to become an interesting opportunity for self-development to everybody involved, the University of Helsinki offers a range of opportunities for lifelong learning. We invite both new students and their close circle to take a look at the offering for education open for all.