Lodging an appeal (Non-degree programmes for teacher qualifications)

If you consider an admission decision to be erroneous, you may lodge an appeal for rectification.

The following instructions apply to non-degree programmes for teacher qualifications at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The programmes are the following ones:

  • Ped­ago­gical stud­ies for sub­ject teach­ers
  • Stud­ies for spe­cial education teach­ers; and
  • Subject studies in University Pedagogy
  • Mul­tidiscip­lin­ary stud­ies

The appeal must be submitted in writing, indicating the following:

  • Appealed decision
  • Section to be rectified in the decision
  • Manner of rectification
  • Grounds for the appeal
  • Your contact details (name, address, email address, telephone number)

All supporting documents must be submitted together with the appeal.

Before starting to draft an appeal, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with a sample appeal to gain an understanding of a possible layout for your appeal.

Please draft an individual appeal for each application option in which you consider the admission results erroneous.

Appeals must be submitted to University of Helsinki Admissions Services within 14 days of the publication of student admission results. As far as the STEP Programme is concerned, the deadline for sending your appeal of the decision on the student admission results is 1 July 2020, 15 o'clock. Appeals received after the deadline will not be processed.

You can submit your appeal to University of Helsinki Admissions Services in any of the following ways:

1. As an encrypted email message

We recommend that you submit your appeal in the form of an encrypted email message. The content of your message will thus be transferred in a secure format, making it less easy for third parties to gain access to it.

Please observe the instructions on sending encrypted email messages available here: Sending encrypted email messages to Admissions Services.

2. As a regular email message

If you do not wish to submit your appeal as an encrypted email message, you may, at your own risk, submit it to Admissions Services as a regular email message. The University of Helsinki takes no responsibility for the data security of appeals submitted as regular email messages.

If you wish to submit your appeal to Admissions Services through regular email, please send it to admissions@helsinki.fi. Please write ‘’Pedagogical studies, appeal’’ in the subject field. Submit your appeal preferably from the email address you entered in the application form used to apply to the University of Helsinki.

3. By regular mail

If possible, we would appreciate that appeals be submitted by email. If this is not possible, appeals can also be submitted by regular mail or by delivering them personally to the Admissions Services mailbox.

If you send the documents by post, please send the documents to the following address:

Admissions Services
P.O. Box 24
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Note that we do not take responsibility for delays of carriers or post offices. Dated postmark or receipt of sending a letter does not justify an appeal arriving overdue.  


4. By personal delivery to the Admissions Services mailbox

If you wish to deliver the documents in person, you need to leave the documents to the mailbox of the Admission Services of University of Helsinki. Please do the following:

You must leave the documents in an envelope in the Admission Services mailbox. The mailbox is located at Unioninkatu 40 C, at the corner of Unioninkatu and Yrjö-Koskisen katu streets. You have access to the mail box without restrictions but please note that all letters left in the mailbox after 15.00 will be considered to have arrived the following business day.

Please do not leave the documents anywhere else than this particular mailbox nor leave them to the janitors. If you leave the documents in another mailbox, the documents are officially received only when the incorrect recipient has delivered the documents to the Admission Services of the University of Helsinki, which can take several days.

Please submit your appeal to Admissions Services in only one of the four methods stated above, and neither through another method. Please note that appeals must be submitted specifically to Admission Services, and not to any other unit of the University of Helsinki (such as the Registry, faculties or Student Services).

University of Helsinki Admissions Services reviews all appeals in an expedited process. The approximate processing time for appeals is one to two months. After your appeal has been processed, we will notify you of the decision by email or regular mail. If your appeal is rejected or not considered, instructions for appealing the decision through the administrative court will be given with the notification.

On our website, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to appeals. Please read them if you are unsure about something connected with appeals.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, our customer service providers can be reached at admissions@helsinki.fi.