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Building your own career path begins already during your studies, and Career Services will guide and support you from the very start of your studies during your first year at the University of Helsinki until one year after the completion of your degree. Career Services provide career guidance, career counselling, courses, and information on the opportunities offered by the labour market. Career Services also cooperates with faculties in offering mentoring and courses in professional orientation and project work.

Note! The content of Career Services can be found on Intructions for Students on the topics Work and Career as well as Traineeships.

Career counselling appointments based on your needs are also available. You will receive support in tackling e.g. the following kinds of issues:

  • clarifying your career choices, plans and goals
  • the kind of steps needed to reach your career goals
  • your strengths and areas of expertise, and how do express these
  • job application documents, and practical tips in finding employment the kind of opportunities offered by the labour market

If you want to receive feedback on your job application documents we recommend having a look at the basic CV and motivation letter models on our website before meeting.


The focus during a counselling appointment will be in finding answers suited to your current situation. As there are no one-size-fits-all answers, the career counsellor will not be able to give you such. The goal of the appointment is rather to arrive at a better understanding of the issues mentioned above together through discussion.

Book an appointment for career counselling by filling in the form and choosing a convenient time for the counselling session.

Career counselling is available for all students from the first year until a year after the completion of one’s degree.

Read more about the ethical principles of career counselling.

You’ll find job advertisements and internship offers targeted at the students and recent graduates of the University of Helsinki at:

Finnish websites where job advertisements are posted can be found e.g. by googling ”avoimet työpaikat” (open positions).

In the mentoring groups, students discuss different career paths and their strengths related to job hunting. The group brings added value, as students receive the support not only of their mentors, but also peers in the same situation. Based on earlier feedback, students find the opportunity to share their ideas, opinions and thoughts very helpful.

The application time for students is 19.9.–8.10.2017. There are four English speaking mentoring groups, each group has a maximum of four students. The groups will be filled in order of registration, so act fast! 

More information about group mentoring.

Career services provides consulting for students in general questions about traineeships starting 2 March 2017.

Contact the Career Services if you have questions about:

  • University traineeship subsidy: how to apply and use the subsidy
  • traineeship agreements
  • tips for seeking a traineeship.

In questions regarding the suitable content of traineeship in your subject, please contact the coordinating teacher appointed by your faculty or department.

Outside the visiting hours, you can contact the Career Services in questions about traineeships by e-mail: traineeships(a)

Check the weekly visiting hours and place from the contact information of the Career Services. 

The EU Careers Ambassador of the University of Helsinki has every other week reception for students interested in EU careers, to which you can book an appointment.

The EU Careers Ambassador will be able to answer your questions about job opportunities, traineeships and career paths, provided by EU, up-coming and current selection procedures, application periods, questions concerning special needs and eligibility criteria. In case you are interested in applying for a job or traineeship in the EU – or even if you’re still thinking whether EU is your cup of tea - come meet the Careers Ambassador to discuss Your EU career options.


Career Services arrange career courses and events (in Finnish and in English). Some of these are open also to graduates as well as current students of the University of Helsinki.

Look our events calendar

On Facebook you'll find events organised by others.

In the current labour market an increased amount of positions is not openly advertised. The Guide for the Hidden Labour Market gives you advice on how to apply for these positions through e.g. the following questions:

  • How to find potential employers?
  • How to recognise your skills?
  • How to write an open application?
  • How to prepare yourself for an interview?

The Guide for the Hidden Labour Market is available on the internet, or a print version. You can pick up the print version from Student Services from the Main Building.

Advice is also available at Tips for Job seeking Guidebook.

Social media has s significant impact on job hunting and Linkedin is the most important medium. 

Career planning involves skills such as recognising your personal strengths and available opportunities, taking advantage of these opportunities, and reaching your goals

If your goal is to stay and work in Finland during or after your studies the following advice may prove useful:

  • Learn the language. Finnish skills are needed in most jobs!  There are lots of options for language courses. Language courses can be found e.g. at webpages of The University of Helsinki Language Centre.
  • Be active and participate. Take advantage of the possibilities, e.g. mentoring programs, internships and other modes of collaboration which allow you to interact with Finnish employers.
  • Create networks. By participating you’ll create a network for yourself.

Some advice is available on the Aarresaari website at:

The TAITO-URA self-assessment tool allows you to explore your personality traits, knowledge and skills. TAITO-URA provides you with a report of the self-assessment results.

Check out also the TOOLKIT for Higher Education Institutions. It is targeted for university staff working with international students but you may find useful stories, links and ideas.

Career Services monitor the placement of graduates of the University of Helsinki with regular career placement reports. The monitoring takes place every other year, five years after the completion of one’s degree for master’s degrees, and two to three years for doctoral degrees. Read the Career Monitoring reports.

A large amount of information on the placement of University of Helsinki students and graduates is also available on LinkedIn. By registering to the service and searching for “University of Helsinki” in the interest group “Education” you’ll be able to browse over 66 000 profiles of University of Helsinki students or graduates. Based on these profiles the largest single employer for University of Helsinki graduates is the City of Helsinki. The most common field of the graduates is research. Register to Linkedin.

Career Counsellor Eric Carver reflects on how do the University studies prepare students to the working life and gives some advice for those considering studies in Finland.

"Being able to understand your field of science and its research practices and ethics will give you tools to work in many different expert roles in the knowledge economy. Critical thinking and the ability to process and value information is at the heart of the university experience. These skills you need everywhere in live, not just in your professional life."

"Most university degrees will give you a wide variety of career options. Being aware of these options and their requirements is very useful when you plan your studies and extracurricular activities."

Read the whole interview with Eric Carver.

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