Studying opportunities for persons who have arrived in Finland from Ukraine due to war

Here you can find studying opportunities for persons who have arrived in Finland from Ukraine due to war.
Non-degree studies

University of Helsinki grants the right to complete non-degree studies to persons who have arrived in Finland and whose degree studies have been suspended at the Ukrainian higher education institution due to war. The right of completion may be granted to courses or study modules. This does not give the right to complete a degree at the University of Helsinki.

Please note that it is not possible to study all our fields in English. Some degree programmes offer courses in English mainly on Master’s level.

Browse our Courses page to find available courses

To find suitable courses, choose the degree programme you are interested in. Generally, the courses marked “open for exchange students” are available in English.

Please use this form to apply for non-degree studies.

You must specify in the application form, which courses or modules you are applying for. The application must also indicate

  • the language skills of the applicant
  • the discipline and the extent of studies completed in the past
  • other grounds for the application.

Applications will be processed until the end of 2023 without application deadlines.

Rights of completion will be granted until 31.7.2024 and no fees will be charged for non-degree studies.

If you have additional questions about this application process for non-degree studies, please email us at

Open University studies

The Open University provides University of Helsinki courses for all. The courses are free of charge for the citizens of Ukraine until autumn 2024. More information:

Right to complete a degree

The right to complete a degree can be applied for in a university's normal admissions for a bachelor’s or master's degree. Suitable open university studies or studies completed as non-degree studies may be accepted as part of the degree.

Please find more information about admissions to our degree programmes on our admissions pages.

The University of Helsinki doesn’t have a transfer application procedure from a university abroad. This means that it is not possible to transfer a right to complete a degree to the University of Helsinki from a university abroad.

If transferring would become possible later, we will inform you on this website.