Enrollment and study fees (pilot for renewed enrollment)

We are developing our registration system. This page contains registration and payment instructions applying to open university studies offered during the 2024–2025 academic year and included in piloting the new system.

How do I know if the course for which I’m registering is included in the pilot? Each course page has a link to registration instructions. If you arrived on this page through the link, your course is included in the pilot. If you arrived on this page another way, please return to the course page and follow the registration instructions there.

Before registering, carefully read both the instructions on this page and the information on the relevant course page.

  • Register online one course at a time. Course places are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • For registration start and end dates, see each individual course page. You may not register after the registration deadline.
  • If places remain available after the deadline, late registration can be opened.
  • When registering, pay the course fee online. 
  • See below for detailed information on registration, course fees and cancellation of registration.
How to register (open university students)

Explore course pages and select the course for which you wish to register. Note that registration requires strong identification. 

When you have selected a course, register via the link on the relevant course page. By clicking on the link, you can access basic course details and links to instructions. Check the information and move the course to your shopping cart. By doing so, you reserve a place on the course.

If necessary, choose the correct course group and confirm your choice. You can then continue browsing or go to your shopping cart to pay the course fee.

Please note that you have 15 minutes to complete the purchase.

Course registration is binding.

Course fees are payable online immediately upon registration. Registration is binding, and course fees will not be reimbursed unless the Open University cancels the course.

For teaching provided by the University of Helsinki, the course fee is €15 per credit.

When proceeding from your shopping cart to pay the course fee, you will be asked to confirm your choices and add the payer details. The actual payment transaction will then commence.

Online payment takes place via a secure connection through the Blue Commerce service provided by Verifone Finland Oy (Business ID 0943819-9). The payment methods available include all Finnish online banks and the most common debit and credit cards. The payment recipient appearing on the bank statement or card invoice is Verifone Finland Oy. 

If you have an Open University gift card or a separate registration code, please contact the Open University’s student advice services before registering to obtain separate instructions. 

The courses available include studies free of charge for all students or specific student groups. 

You must confirm your registration within 72 hours of paying the course fee. Confirmation requires electronic identification using either the University of Helsinki username or the suomi.fi service.

Confirm you place by identifying yourself immediately after registering.

Course fees can be paid by someone other than the student. In this case, the payer must forward the registration confirmation instructions and link to the student. The confirmation details will also be sent to the payer’s email.

If you are unable to identify yourself electronically, contact the Open University’s student advice services, providing the registration confirmation code. You can find the code in the email you have received. If the registration remains unconfirmed, the student will not be entitled to a refund of the course fee.

If you are a new open university student, enter your details when confirming your registration. After doing so, you will receive a University of Helsinki username, and will be emailed instructions for the username the day after confirming your registration.

If the contact details appearing at the confirmation stage are incorrect, please rectify them in Sisu. However, first complete your registration by confirming the contact details shown at this stage. After confirmation, you can update your contact details in Sisu (My profile > Personal information).

The University of Helsinki’s undergraduate students registering for free-of-charge places via their study plan in Sisu need not confirm their place separately. Acceptance and confirmation information is shown in the registration section in Sisu.

If you cannot confirm your registration electronically or have not done so within 72 hours, please contact the Open University’s student advice services. 

How to register (University of Helsinki undergraduate students)

Explore the details on course pages and select the course for which to register.

As an attending University of Helsinki undergraduate student, you can view studies with free-of-charge quotas in your study plan on the ‘Completion methods’ tab.

Register for free-of-charge studies through your study plan in Sisu. If necessary, you can find Sisu user instructions in the Studies Service.

Please note that, as part of a pilot project exploring the wider use of Sisu registration for open university studies, students register for some open university courses in Sisu.

Registration for other open university studies takes place via course pages.

For courses with free-of-charge quotas for undergraduate students, see the ‘Completion methods’ tab in your study plan. 

Register for free-of-charge studies through your study plan in Sisu. If necessary, you can find Sisu user instructions in the Studies Service.

You can see which open university courses are subject to fees either on the ‘Open university courses’ tab in your study plan (NB! Only some of these courses for the 2024–2025 academic year are shown) or through the course search.

When registering for fee-based open university courses, follow the registration instructions for open university students.

Summer courses are free of charge for attending bachelor’s and master’s students of the University of Helsinki. In addition, some courses may be free of charge for all students, or for specific student groups. 

Registration and study fees
  • Registration gives you the right to study at the University of Helsinki’s Open University. The right to study refers to the time during which you can complete your studies. 
  • Its duration is determined by the study schedule stated on the relevant course page. The period includes teaching, examinations and/or other modes of completion. 
  • In connection with your registration, you will also receive user credentials for the University of Helsinki information systems. The credentials will not be sent to you separately, but rather you will gain access to them by activating your user account well before your studies are due to begin. User credentials are not granted for MOOC courses.
  • More information on user credentials and activating your account is available on the Instructions for Students website: University of Helsinki user account.
  • The Open University course fee is €15 per credit. Pay the course fee online when registering or using an open university gift voucher (information in Finnish). The payment is processed by Paytrail Oy. Please note that American Express is not accepted by the University of Helsinki.
  • Some courses may carry additional material fees. Information on possible material fees is available on the relevant course page.
  • Registration is binding, and the fee will not be reimbursed once paid. If the student falls ill before the studies begin and cannot participate, the sum of the course fee exceeding €75 will be reimbursed against a doctor’s certificate.
  • The fee for a study module only covers the courses required for the minimum number of credits in the module. The student must pay an additional fee for any courses exceeding the minimum number of credits.
  • Participation in MOOCs is free of charge. However, if you want to enter the completed course (credits) in University of Helsinki’s student information system, you must register for the course after completing it and pay the Open University course fee. Some MOOCs are completely free of charge. More detailed information is available on the course page of the relevant course. Read more about MOOCs.
  • If the University of Helsinki cancels the teaching, the course will be reimbursed in full.
  • The fees are based on the Universities Act (558/2009) as well as the Government Decree on fees collected at universities (1082/2009) and the amendment to the Decree (1436/2014).
  • Course fees are exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax Act 1501/1993, section 39)
  • As payments under public law, the collection of Open University fees as well as the associated interest and charges may be enforced without a separate judgement or decision (Act on the Enforcement of Taxes and Public Payments 706/2007).
  • Should your plans change and you cannot participate on the course, please cancel your registration by emailing the admissions and student advice staff of the Open University at avoin-student@helsinki.fi. This way your place will be freed for use by another student. 
  • Cancelling your registration does not lead to a reimbursement of the course fee (see the terms of payment of the Open University above).