Artificial Intelligence Collection

Get smart about artificial intelligence (AI). Learn what everyone needs to know about AI: How it shapes your work, everyday life and wider society. This set of courses gives you various perspectives on AI. Most courses do not require previous knowledge, so feel free to start your journey from the theme that interests you the most.
  • Massively popular: Elements of AI, the course that started it all, is the most popular course in the history of the University of Helsinki. 
  • Made for a wide audience: We have written the materials so that you can get a grasp on artificial intelligence, no matter what your background is. 
  • Created by experts: The courses have been created by experts in the field of AI.   
  • Concrete: The course materials are practical and draw from real life cases. 
  • Non-linear: Courses relate to each other, but do not have to be studied in a certain order. You can complete the whole set of courses or select the ones that are most interesting to you.  
  • Expanding: New courses are added frequently to cover more aspects of artificial intelligence. 
  • Free: Studying the courses does not cost anything. 
For me?

This micro-credential is perfect for you if 

  • you want learn about AI through practical examples, or 
  • you want get an understanding of artificial intelligence from different perspectives: What AI means for individuals and societies, or 
  • you are wondering how AI might affect your job or your life in the future. 
Artificial intelligence is not a robot revolution, but an everyday thing that does not need to be mystified. The course offers a kind of science-based vaccination against all the hype and misleading click headlines on artificial intelligence.
Structure and content

The micro-credential consists of several different courses. The courses are related to each other, but most individual courses explore a different as aspect of artificial intelligence. You can complete either all of the courses or just individual courses according to your own interests and needs.  

You can receive up to 8 credits through our AI courses.  

AI courses Visit the individual course pages to find out more about each course.
Enrolment and fees

- The courses are free of charge to all participants.  

  • No enrollment before you have completed each course.
  • Enroll on each course through the Open University after you have completed assignments in the MOOC learning environment.
  • Enroll on each course separately.  

We reserve the right to make changes to the information presented on this page. 

Credits and completed studies

Open University course enrollment at the end of each course is required be eligible for credits. The credits are entered in the University of Helsinki’s student records. Course materials (without credits) are available to everyone without official enrollment on the course.

Where to view my course completions

Instructions for browsing your completed studies can be found in the Instructions for students. The course credits will be registered within a few days of enrollment.

Instructions for studying

You can find important information regarding your studies on The Instructions for Students

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