Mem­bers of Teach­ers' Academy

The Teachers’ Academy rewards both outstanding teachers and the communities that support their work. The selected teachers are recognised as permanent members of the Academy and receive a personal two-year grant, in addition to which the teacher’s home unit receives a grant for development efforts for the same time period.
Mem­bers of the Teach­er's Academy

This list includes only those members of the Teacher's Academy who currently have a profile in the university's people finder.

Full list of members according to their appointment year will be published later.

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Fellows selected to the Teachers’ Academy 2022
Ap­plic­a­tion and as­sess­ment pro­cess

Teachers must apply for the Academy fellowship independently. The application documents include a teaching portfolio, a short CV as well as letters of recommendation from students and colleagues. In the teaching portfolios, the applicants must present, describe and analyse their teaching innovations and related competence with respect to the Teachers’ Academy criteria.

More detailed information about the application process is found on the Flamma intranet of the University.

The applications are evaluated by multidisciplinary peer review panels. The Rector makes the final decision on the fellows selected to the Teachers’ Academy. Each applicant gets a brief written assessment about his/her strengths and development challenges.

The hon­or­ary mem­ber of the Teach­ers' Academy Bengt Holmström

MIT professor and Nobel laureate Bengt Holmström spoke at the annual celebration of the University on 24th March 2017, and was invited to become the first honorary member of the Teachers’ Academy.

Holmström was singled out for this recognition as his example has had a significant impact on the esteem of university teaching, and he has highlighted the significance of the personal engagement of professors in teaching and supervision. Bengt Holmström is a popular lecturer and teacher, known for considering the students’ wishes and needs in his teaching and for propelling his teaching through discussion and student questions. Holmström has repeatedly emphasised that investments in the development of teaching and learning are equally important as those in research.  In addition, Holmström has consistently been involved in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. As recognition for his merits in teaching, Holmström was offered the golden acorn of the Teachers’ Academy and a diploma.