Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Science

The Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Science (ILS) is an international doctoral program providing structured training in life science areas requiring multidisciplinary skills and capability to engage in multiprofessional cooperation.
Did you know?

The Life Science areas in Finland share a strong component of multidisciplinary approaches bridging research in basic biosciences, computational sciences and medicine. The research groups affiliated in ILS represent the highest quality life science research in Helsinki. Their research interests cover nearly all aspects of modern life sciences ranging from molecular medicine and developmental biology to biophysics and systems biology. 

The integrative aspect of research may occur on various levels: versatile approaches to the research question, different levels of complexity (e.g. molecular, cellular, tissue level), or diversity of methodology used. 

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In international comparisons, research in the University of Helsinki ranks among the leading European universities and the top 100 in the world.
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