Employment as a doctoral researcher

Once a year, the doctoral programme opens a call for applications for university-funded doctoral researcher positions. The doctoral researchers selected for these positions complete their doctoral research employed by the university. Both current University of Helsinki doctoral researchers and new applicants planning on doctoral studies are eligible to apply for these positions.
GeoDoc specific instructions

The next application period for salaried positions is 27.8.-9.9.2024. Application instructions will be published in June.


Decision of the 2023 application

GeoDoc received 15 complete and eligible applications, which were evaluated by the board.

The funding was awarded to:

  • Alexander Bakhia, 4 years (Research Foundation of the University of Helsinki -position), supervisor Miika Tallavaara
  • Eleanor Downie, 4 years, supervisor Eduardo Maeda
  • Iida Kostamo, 4 years, supervisor Johanna Salminen

One of the applicants, who received a position, did not want their name to be published.

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