Opening ceremony of the academic year

The opening ceremony of the University is one of the grandest and most important joint events at the institution, bringing together the entire University community from students to professors emeriti and alumni.
The programme of the opening ceremony

In observance of tradition, the academic year is opened on the first day of the first teaching period. The official part includes an opening address by the rector and members of the staff or students. The programme includes musical performances, among other things, that infuse each ceremony with a unique atmosphere. The event has been organised from the 17th century onwards.

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Dates for the opening ceremony of the academic year from 2021 to 2025:
6.9.2021, 5.9.20224.9.20232.9.2024, 1.9.2025

Ask Me! campaign

The Ask Me! campaign encourages new members of the University community to ask questions about student life and everyday activity at the University. Pink badges and logos identify the people who can answer these questions.

Opening carnival

After the official part of the celebration for the start of the academic year, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki will kick off the year in a carnival atmosphere. At the opening carnival, the University, the Student Union, as well as the subject-specific student organisations and recreational organisations introduce themselves. The programme is full of entertainment and fun.