The inaugural lectures of the new professors
Newly appointed professors are celebrated at the university twice a year: usually in May and in December. As they take up their new role, each professor holds a public inaugural lecture.

Upcoming professorial lectures

Twenty-two newly appointed professors of the University of Helsinki will give their inaugural lectures on Wednesday, 7 December, starting at 14. The lectures are open to the public and take place in the University’s Main Building (Unioninkatu 34) and Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3). The lectures serve as popular introductions to the professors’ fields of science and current research issues. 

The inauguration ceremony, open to all, will begin at 16.30 in the Great Hall. The programme includes a speech by Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri, musical performances and introductions of the new professors. In addition, the inauguration ceremony will feature an inaugural lecture by Professor Leena Järvi.


Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Runeberg Hall (Main building, older side, 2nd floor)

  • at 14.15 Tapani Viitala, Professor of Novel Drug Formulations: Tulevaisuuden älykkäät lääkkeet
  • at 14.45 Ville Pönkä, Professor of Private law: Liikejuridiikan tutkimus 2020-luvulla
  • at 15.15 Samu Niskanen, Professor of Mediaeval History: Uusien teosten julkaisu keskiajalla
  • at 15.45 Xenia Zeiler, Professor of South Asian Studies: How does digital culture shape and is shaped by various actors, in South Asia and beyond?

Hall U3032 (Main building, older side, 3th floor)

  • at 14.15 Esa Jämsen, Professor of Geriatrics: Oikea hoito oikeaan aikaan - Iäkkään potilaan hoidossa onnistumisen edellytykset
  • at 14.45 Virve Koljonen, Professor of Plastic Surgery: Plastiikkakirurgia muuttaa maailmaa paremmaksi paikaksi
  • at 15.15 Marko Kangasniemi, Professor of Radiology: Radiologinen kuva-analytiikka tehdään pintaa syvemmältä
  • at 15.45 Kristiina Patja, Professor of Healthcare Science: Terveydenhuollon kestävyys

Hall PIII (Porthania, first floor)

  • at 14.15 Ivan Mammarella, Professor of Biohydrometeorology: On ecosystem-atmosphere exchange and transport of energy and greenhouse gases
  • at 14.45 Jan Deska, Professor of Synthetic Chemistry: How can cellular factories help us with the carbon-neutral production of chemicals?
  • at 15.15 Michael Boy, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Applied Mathematics: Atmospheric aerosols and their impact on climate and health

Suomen Laki Hall (Porthania, first floor)

  • at 14.15 Dmitry Moiseev, Professor of Radar Meteorology: Observing clouds, rain and snow
  • at 14.45 Aleksi Vuorinen, Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics: Maailmankaikkeuden tiheintä ainetta etsimässä: neutronitähdet hiukkasfysiikan laboratoriona
  • at 15.15 Mikko Sipilä, Professor of Experimental Aerosol Physics: Pienhiukkasten perässä maailman laidalla
  • at 15.45 Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Professor of Cosmology: Maailmankaikkeuden laajeneminen ja pimeä energia

Hall P673 (Porthania, 6th floor)

  • at 14.15 Frédéric Guillaume, Professor of Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics: Modeling species' eco-evolutionary responses to environmental changes
  • at 14.45 Frauke Ecke, Professor of Ecology: The role of biodiversity for transmission and outbreak of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases
  • at 15.15 Ari Pekka Mähönen, Professor of Plant Molecular Biology: Miten kasvit tekevät puuta?

Hall P674 (Porthania, 6th floor)

  • at 14.15 Jussi Heinonsalo, Professor of Forest Soil Science: Plant-microbe-soil interactions in boreal forests
  • at 14.45 Kati Katina, Professor of Grain Science and Technology: Viljan uudet ulottuvuudet
  • at 15.15 Albert Porcar-Castell, Professor of Physiological Forest Ecology: Leaves are not only green: paving the path towards spatially-resolved plant ecophysiology

at 16.30 Main building, Great Hall, 2nd floor

  • Music
  • Speech: Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri
  • Inaugural lecture: Leena Järvi, Professor of Urban Meteorology: Kaupunkimeteorologia auttaa kaupunkeja vastaamaan ilmastonmuutoksen ja ilmanlaadun haasteisiin
  • Introductions of the new professors

The public is welcome to arrive in the Great Hall from 16.15 onwards. After the ceremony, the reception, including refreshments, will be held on the second floor of the Main Building. Accessible entrance from the courtyard of the Main Building through the archway at Yliopistonkatu 2

You can read about the new professors and their research in the introductions published below. In addition, a short introductory video for each professor can be viewed on the University’s YouTube channel. The videos have been captioned in the language spoken in the video as well as in English or Finnish.

Professors giving their inaugural lectures in December 2022
Newly appointed professors in May 2022
Read more about the new professors appointed in 2021
New professors' week

During the coronavirus situation, the professorial lectures transformed into an online event: New professors’ week. Lectures held in autumn 2020 and spring 2021 can be viewed on the University of Helsinki YouTube channel. Each lecture lasts roughly 10 minutes and focuses on the professors’ research topics. The 2021 online event was part of the Year of research-based knowledge 2021 programme. 

Dress code

The dress code for the new professors is a tailcoat with a white bow tie and black waistcoat for men, and a black dress with long sleeves for women. Members of the clergy may wear clerical dress. Professors who defended their doctoral thesis abroad may wear the doctoral gown of their home university. The new professors carry their doctoral hats with them. Participants in the procession wear a dark suit. Other participants to the ceremony should take into account the nature of the event.

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