Where will we be in 2030?

In 2030, the University will be one of the world's leading universities. We will be a nationally and internationally recognised stronghold of edification. We will generate understanding through research and teaching for the benefit of the global community.

As a result, research-based knowledge will increasingly be used to support societal decision-making. We wish to be a leader in responsibility and sustainability. Sustainability will be integrated into all education programmes and taken into consideration in all operations. In 2030, we will be an attractive multidisciplinary hub of sustainability science that enjoys international recognition. We consider it important to serve as a pioneer in building an increasingly responsible world.

To succeed in this, we must be a healthy, equal and engaged University community. In 2030, the University of Helsinki will be the best place to study, teach, work and engage in research.

Know­ledge and learn­ing are for every­one
  • The University will enjoy an increasingly established international standing as a scientific partner, especially thanks to its groundbreaking discipline-specific expertise as well as its multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research. 
  • Research-based knowledge generated by us will increasingly be used to support societal decision-making. 
  • The University will boast high-quality, up-to-date research infrastructures that will be developed proactively and purposefully for long-term and extensive shared use. The University will be an active partner in the utilisation and development of international research infrastructures. 
  • The University will operate according to the principles of open science and learning and make its scientific infrastructures and datasets openly available. 
  • The University will have significantly enhanced its competence in the analysis of large and open datasets and further developed related infrastructures.  
  • The University will boast facilities fit for the purposes of research and teaching, libraries included. 
  • A strong connection between research and teaching will have been adopted through the entire University, enabling every degree student to participate in the activities of the research community as part of their studies.  
  • Thanks to its teaching of the highest quality, the University will have built a profile as an attractive provider of master’s and doctoral education, and the degrees awarded by the University will better prepare the graduates for a variety of positions.
  • Students’ progress will have become significantly smoother, allowing an increasing number of students to complete their degrees in the target duration.
  • The University will be an important science educator and communicator.
  • The University will be an acknowledged, attractive and accessible environment of continuous learning which meets the changing educational needs of society.  
Open­ness en­hances sci­entific research and col­lab­or­a­tion
  • The University will be a strong global influence with an extensive network of international alumni and partners. 
  • Regardless of language or cultural background, the University will invite everyone to function as active, full members of the community and pave the way for career advancement.  
  • The University will have significantly promoted virtual international mobility alongside physical mobility. 
  • As a university representing Bildung, we will be a force of growing influence and generate considerable added value to society. 
  • Thanks to the University’s strong and responsible business collaboration, innovation activities and other public engagement, research results will be increasingly available to the various sectors of society. 
  • The University will be renowned for its practices and procedures based on openness, academic freedom, inclusivity and democratic participation, and will thus serve as an inspiration to its partners.  
Our University is the best place to study and work
  •  The wellbeing of the University community and its members will have improved, and strides will have been made in equality, non-discrimination and opportunities to participate and make a difference.  
  • The University will enjoy the reputation of an attractive employer.  
Our University is a leader in re­spons­ib­il­ity and sustainability
  • The UN’s sustainable development goals will have been integrated into the University’s operating culture. The University will have significantly stepped up its ecological sustainability and will have achieved carbon neutrality. The theme of sustainability will be comprehensively integrated into the University’s education programmes. 
  • The University will be an attractive multidisciplinary hub of sustainability science and teaching that enjoys international recognition. We will actively participate in the formulation of international research programmes and policies while generating knowledge and skills related to sustainable development for the benefit of society. 
  • The University will have significantly increased its research funding and will make versatile use of different funding sources in line with its values. The University will have increased its financial leeway by reinforcing its self-sufficiency, and it will boast an extensive national and international donor network.