The strategy is based on common values. Our values are truth, Bildung, freedom and inclusivity.

These values constitute the core of our identity, the basis of our objectives and our value judgements between good and bad. Our values must be concretely visible in our everyday activities. The meanings of our four values do not remain unchanged, but rather constantly evolve through discussions within the University community. There are as many ways of perceiving our shared values as there are members in the University community.


How truth is reflected in our operations:

  • Truth leads us to pursue new knowledge. 
  • Truth requires critical thinking. 
  • Truth promotes high-quality research and teaching.

How Bildung is reflected in our operations:

  • Bildung guides us on the right path. 
  • Bildung serves as our moral conscience. 
  • Bildung cultivates stability and open-mindedness. 

How freedom is reflected in our operations:

  • Freedom encourages our creativity. 
  • Freedom affirms the autonomy and responsibility of the University. 

How inclusivity is reflected in our operations:

  • Inclusivity safeguards our equality. 
  • Inclusivity translates into diversity and respect for others. 
  • Inclusivity supports and promotes openness and collaboration. 
  • Inclusivity springs from democratic empowerment.