Legal notice, communication and community relations

Description of the file Personal Data Act (523/99), section 10.
Legal Notice


University of Helsinki

P.O. Box 33 (Fabianinkatu 18), 

FI-00014 University of Helsinki


Per­son and/​or con­tact per­son in charge  

University Communications and Community Relations 

P.O. Box 53 (Fabianinkatu 32), 

FI-00014 University of Helsinki


Name of the re­gister

Interest group and stakeholder register

The pur­pose for pro­cessing the per­sonal data / the pur­pose for the use of a re­gister

The purpose of the register is to manage the interest group and stakeholder relations of the University of Helsinki as well as to create multichannel contacts and control events based on the register data.. The register data will also be used for marketing and promoting the University's educational and service products.

The data may be used for the development of customer management and for statistical reporting.

Con­tent of the re­gister

Data content registered in the system:

  • Potential private and organisation customers
  • Interest group and stakeholder organisations
  • Contact persons for the above-mentioned organisations
  • Measures aimed at the customers in the register, such as newsletters

The registered has the right to forbid the disclosure of their information for direct marketing, telemarketing and other direct mail, marketing and opinion polls as well as rolls of persons and genealogies. The forbiddance will be recorded in the register.

Reg­u­lar sources of infor­mation

The data has been gathered from the old registers of the University of Helsinki (Excel spreadsheets and other databases). The data will be completed and updated on the basis of customer contacts.

The register can also be joined independently and freely.

Reg­u­lar des­tin­a­tions of dis­closed data and trans­fer of data to countries within the EU or out­side the European Eco­nomic Area

The data will not be will not be conveyed to parties outside the University.

The prin­ciples how the data file has been se­cured

A. Manual register  (place of storage and the methods of protection)

Manual material:

The register does not contain any manual material.

B. Data register/ADP register  (principles for the right to use a register, monitoring of the use and actual protection of hardware)

Data saved in the information system: The users of the register have a personal user name and password. All entries can be verified with the personal user name and password.

The registered stakeholder group users will only see their personal information. This will be secured with a personal user name and password when entering the register. 

The information in the register is located within Mailchimp, Creamailer and/or Salesforce systems and on the server maintained by Mailchimp, Creamailer and/or Salesforce. Mailchimp, Creamailer, and Salesforce ensure the privacy protection and data security of the register.

Con­tact Infor­mation


P.O. Box 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4)

00014 University of Helsinki

tel. +358 2941 40814

fax: +358 2941 23010