Being a responsible employer

The University of Helsinki is committed to acting responsibly towards all staff. For our staff we wish to be the best possible employer and workplace.

Our values – Bildung, truth, freedom and inclusivity – guide our activities in the recruitment and leadership of staff.
The University of Helsinki is a large and diverse employer

We are creating an increasingly socially sustainable everyday life at the University by systematically taking action to promote equality and diversity as well as inclusion and accessibility.

Everyone is welcome as they are

In our work culture, we want to support diversity and inclusion. Together we will create university as a safer space.

For our human resources policy, we have developed principles of responsibility that guide all our activities as an employer.

As an employer, we act as follows:

1. The work performed at the University is meaningful, and staff can develop professionally

The content and meaningfulness of work as well as the use of professional skills and creativity are important facets of all work performed at the University. We encourage everyone to develop their skills with a view to future needs and to apply their skills in diverse ways. For us it is important that everyone can continuously learn on the job.

2. We invest in occupational wellbeing, flexibility and a work–life balance

The wellbeing of each staff member is vital to us. We offer support for maintaining occupational wellbeing and encourage all supervisors to ensure occupational wellbeing. It is important to us that each employee has a clear role and clear expectations and that personal work-related objectives are linked to shared objectives.  

Life can take unexpected turns that affect occupational wellbeing. We wish to be a family-friendly employer that offers flexible solutions to suit individual circumstances.

3. Our recruitment process is clear and our orientation systematic

We value all of our applicants, and it is important to us that the recruitment process is a good experience. Each new recruitment is carefully considered, i.e., based on careful human resources planning. We invest in thorough orientation and the incorporation of everyone into our community.

4. Supervisors and leaders offer support to ensure the success of each employee

Our supervisors encourage staff to perform to the best of their ability, and we follow the principles of participatory leadership. We support leaders and supervisors in their work and help them develop in their role.

We value interaction, collegiality and target-oriented activities. For us it is important that everyone cooperates and participates in the preparation of University-level decisions.

The staff participates in the management and planning of the University's operations in many ways, from the university collegium and board to the planning of the everyday life of their own work community. The union representatives representing the personnel and personnel organisations participate in the preparation of decisions concerning the university and its personnel in co-operation meetings.

5. We act in an open, equal and respectful manner

The equal and fair treatment of people is important to us: we value the diversity of our community and respect one another. A culture of openness ensures that staff can influence shared decisions. 

We do not accept discrimination in any form and have a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour and harassment. As an employer, we have established clear, easy-to-use approaches to dealing with challenging situations.

The Equality and Diversity Committee promotes the diversity of the university community, taking into account people's differences and inclusion.

6. We have adopted transparent principles of employment

In our employment relationships, we comply with the general collective agreement of universities and the jointly agreed salary levels and pay principles in it. Our salary system is transparent. Staff salaries are based on a requirement level defined for each position as well as a salary component based on personal performance.

We promote gender pay equality: we prevent unjustified pay differences through an annual pay survey. 

We support our staff with high-quality services and HR processes.

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