Quali-Quantitative Methods Workshop 8.-9.3.2022

How can different disciplines work together in the analysis of digital social data?

Visualizing Algorithmic Cultures: 
A Quali-Quantitative Methods Workshop 

8.-9. March 2022 

The availability of large quantities of data from online platforms and the rise of computational techniques for processing it have prompted a redistribution of expertise between academic disciplines such as computer science, anthropology, sociology (Marres 2012). How can different disciplines work together in the analysis of digital social data?

This workshop, drawing on insights from Science and Technology Studies and Digital Sociology, argues that we need to rethink standard divisions of labor or mixed methods approaches. It proposes the use of data visualizations as both a tool to aide qualitative, interpretive work but also as a means of method critique – to make visible what particular computational techniques leave out. Through this two-pronged approach, visualizations can promote the development of new tools and combinations of methods by assisting dialogue across disciplinary divides. 

The workshop will start with presentations by David Moats, Minna Ruckenstein, Joni Oksanen and Krista Lagus on the 8th of March about their project studying discussions about health and personal medicine on Reddit (open to physical and virtual participation), followed by a (physical) workshop on the 9th in which small teams of researchers will work on short projects using data scraped from Reddit. 

The workshop is organized in participation with the HSSH Methodological Unit

To sign up for one or both days email matti.pohjonen@helsinki.fi 

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday 8th March  
13:00 Talk by David Moats with discussion  
14:00 Presentations by Minna Ruckenstein, Joni Oksanen, Krista Lagus.  
15:00 Prep for those participating in the workshop.  
15:30 First day ends

Wednesday 9th March  
13:00 – 17:00 Hands-on workshop

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