Teams 2023-2024

Five new teams were selected to the Germinator programme for season 2023-2024 with workshops running from August 2023 to February 2024.
Acornia Greentech

Acornia Greentech works on a food tech solution for processing nutritious and underutilized acorns into a healthy and sustainable coffee alternative. Additionally, they aim at a zero waste process making use of the side streams too. Acornia Greentech team has expertise in food science, marketing, and application of advanced food technologies. 


Kitsain develops a digital service solution to food waste prevention for households. The application has various features users can choose from with the aim of functioning also as a marketing and food ordering platform for food brands and retailers. Kitsain team is mostly comprised of IT experts with various academic backgrounds.


MyShroom creates food tech for turning mycoprotein into a versatile and easy-to-use raw material for the food industry. Their fermentation process can be used in converting agricultural and food supply chain side streams into biomass that naturally contains protein, fibers, and umami flavour. Myshroom team has expertise in food and sensory sciences, microbiology and bioprocess technology, and food business.

Nuts about Nuts

Nuts about Nuts develops food tech for creating new textures and flavours from nuts for food industry ingredients and cooking solutions. Their aim is to increase the accessibility, usability and cost efficiency of cashews and macadamia nuts for the food industry for producing more nutritious products with high quality protein for consumers. Nuts about nuts works directly with the farming communities in Africa, promoting social sustainability and biodiversity. The team consists of a food scientist entrepreneur and commercial and food experts.

Resource Pulling / Sustainable Organic Solutions (S.O.S)

Resource Pulling / S.O.S. develops an agri-tech solution for upcycling phosphorus and nitrogen from waste material or sludge into mineral fertilizers and biochar. This will help providing a sustainable resource management solution for the agriculture, environment, and energy industries. They have a team of environmental and atmospheric scientists and a business developer.