Teams 2022-2023

Seven teams were selected to the 2022-2022 Germinator pre-incubator programme with workshops running from August 2022 to March 2023.
Arctic Farming

Arctic Farming is a Helsinki based AgriTech startup developing automated vertical farming technologies for the restaurant, retail and wholesale industries. Their mission is to disrupt how food is produced, processed, and distributed to the masses by making vertical farming mainstream. They have a team of experienced and value-driven industry and technology professionals with backgrounds in space technologies, bio research, product development as well as in sales and marketing.

The Soil Solution (previously Binkiapp)

The Soil Solution (previously Binkiapp) develops an AgriTech solution helping farmers optimize their soil health and adapt to climate change through an analysis method combining microbiology and geographical information systems. The team consists of sustainability professionals from University of Helsinki and Aalto University.


Squee (previously BOLE) develops a novel production technique for transforming strains of Finnish gourmet fungi combined with food grade side streams into a readily edible, tasty plant-based protein with almost zero waste. The team is based at LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland.  

Five Letter Foods

Five Letter Foods is not dog food, but real food for dogs. 5LF creates meal kits consisting of functional foods, brewer’s spent grain-based vegan meals, and they are in the process of developing lab-grown reindeer meat. Currently, their Dogbucha (kombucha for dogs) and ice cream are sold in a few dog-friendly cafes in Helsinki. The team covers skills and knowhow in startup business, fermentation, veterinary and nutrition science (University of Helsinki) as well as molecular biology specializing in 3D cell culture and recombinant proteins (Tampere University).


Montinutra Ltd. is a Finnish biotechnology startup developing novel lignocellulosic ingredients for the food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Contributing to the circular economy, they do this by converting forest industry side streams, especially sawdust into valuable ingredients. The team consists of business and production professionals with expertise in the field of forestry products and scaleup.


MOLT is optimizing the mold growth in plant based ingredients in order to give vegan home cooks and the food industry the blue cheese taste back. MOLT team's process turns ecological ingredients not only into vegan molded cheeses, but also mold spreads and powders. The team includes top chefs and professionals in brewing, food production and marketing.

Three Mushketeers

Three Mushketeers develops a savory and chewy plant-based protein ingredient for food manufacturing companies using button mushroom by-products, contributing to circular economy. The team consists of a food technology professional and researchers from University of Helsinki.