Sustainable Think Corner

New solutions that promote sustainability were introduced in the renovation of Think Corner, which opened its doors in the autumn of 2017. From the start, the goal has been to assemble all dimensions of sustainability into a functional whole. The University’s former administration building was redesigned as an open multipurpose space where presentations and workshops relating to scientific themes are organised. The facilities support collaborative learning, creative discourse and co-working. The events and facilities are open to all.

In the solutions implemented in the Think Corner building, sustainability is manifested, for example, in the following aspects:

  • A total of 95 solar panels with a maximum production of 25 kWp were installed on the roof.
  • The service water is partly heated with the heat lost by the building’s transforming station, while district cooling is employed to keep it cool.
  • Apart from the UniSport facilities that belong to class C, the building’s energy efficiency class is B.
  • The entrance recesses are covered with PEFC certified wooden slats, while the floors in the first and second floor are made of wooden blocks.
  • All facilities are equipped with waste recycling bins and the restrooms have cloth hand towels.

Many events focused on sustainability are organised at Think Corner. In the events under the Hope for Globe theme held in March 2019, new research perspectives related to the environment, climate change and sustainable development were introduced, as were tools for making sustainable choices with the help of top experts.

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Kuva: Mikko Jalo


(Photo: Mikko Jalo / University of Helsinki)